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Trendy Glass Centerpieces Display Ideas for Different Glass Tables

Whether in the sitting room, or dining, glass tables are an essential part of home décor, and they must be made to look stunning using various types of centerpieces. Mirror centerpieces add color to the home and make your guest feel welcomed and relaxed.

In the past, a lot of people use only flowers as Glass centerpieces; flowers aren’t the only centerpiece for glass tables. There are other natural materials like potted greenery, colorful vase, glass hurricanes filled with lemon, and a silver candlestick that can be used as a centerpiece when decorating your glass table.

Glass Centerpiece display ideas for the sitting room and side table

The living room is one of the most important parts of the home; therefore, they must be decorated to have a welcoming and cool ambiance using various types of mirror centerpieces for glass tables. 

Here are some glass table centerpiece ideas for you

*Flowers: Flowers are the most common type of glass centerpiece piece because they add a touch of color to the table. Instead of having a larger bouquet of tulips, you can use a single stem in a larger number of slip vases which gives the impression of abundance at a budget or have your flowers placed in an antique mirror plate on your glass table.

*Plants: Using potted plants alone or in combination with flowers is also a great centerpiece idea for glass tables. You can place some beautiful green plants in matching containers as part of your table décor and pair them with small decorative containers which fit the color of the room. 

*Fruits and Assorted Items: Assorted accessories with fruits are also excellent centerpieces for the sitting room. 

*Greenery: Apart from your potted trees and flowers, plain greenery also makes a beautiful centerpiece when placed on a vase. You can also have your greenery placed on a round mirror plate to display larger spray of green around the table.

*Fruit: Bowl of fruits kept on a counter is an excellent centerpiece for your glass table. You can add some candles or your fresh flowers to give a positive impression.

Glass Centerpiece display ideas for the dining table 

Dining table centerpieces is a must have if you want to achieve that complete and beautiful look. Here are some inspirations for your dining table mirror centerpieces. 

*Candle Centerpieces: Having lots of candles on your table as a centerpiece offers a dramatic and romantic atmosphere for dinner. Even without the flower on your tables, candles are still a great option.

*Cloches: Glass Cloches are also great for glass table centerpiece; you can put absolutely everything in them, from fruits, foods, and flowers. However, you must avoid using a candle inside a cloche due to the lack of oxygen in them.

*Wooden Planter Centerpieces: This centerpiece is perfect for people who want something simple. With your leftover wood, you can create a wooden planter and place a few mason jars with fresh flowers that have various shapes and colors in them.  Diversity in trays: People who love variety can get a tray or basket filled with all sorts of things like pine cones, flowers, and small vase to give a rustic and industrial charm. 

Guidelines for Picking Great Centerpieces

Here are few guidelines for picking a great centerpiece

*Before choosing a centerpiece, ensure that you are happy with some décor and furniture arrangement. 

*Pick a centerpiece that complements the needs of the setting and synced with the ambiance you will like to create

*The placement of the centerpiece must be decided based on the table shape and size

*Choose what you think looks best and compliments the room decor

*Consider grouping several objects as a centerpiece to make a statement.

*Note that your centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant or large to stand out

Things to Consider When Choosing a Centerpiece for your glass table

*Budget:  Your budget is the most important consideration when choosing a centerpiece idea for your glass table. This is because the money at hand will determine the type of centerpiece you can choose. 

*Table Shape:  The shape of the table is also a crucial factor to be considered when choosing a centerpiece.

*Table Size and Capacity: The size of your table will determine the right arrangement for your centerpiece

*Lighting: The lightening of the area should be considered when choosing a centerpiece because a dim room will need a centerpiece that adds light to it.


Mirror centerpieces help to add color and to your glass table and speaks a lot about your class. However, when picking a glass table centerpiece, ensure that you choose one that coordinates and matches the theme of the room while speaking a lot about your style.

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    These are great ideas for centerpieces. I love the fruit with flowers idea. The wooden planter sounds wonderful too!

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