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A Must-Have Mexican Restaurant in Frisco 

Mexican cuisine has become as popular as burgers and fries in America.  If you find a Mexican kitchen and tequila bar in Frisco, you will understand why Mexican food is loved by so many people.   

In fact, it has become one of the staple foods in the country because of its great flavor and the fresh ingredients that make every dish a delight. 

How Much Do You Really Know About Mexican Food? 

Have you heard of nachos, tortillas, and other mouthwatering Mexican favorites?  Some Mexican dishes did not really originate from Mexico.  Mexican dishes are a combination of the flavors from indigenous Mesoamerica and Europe. 

Look at these interesting facts about Mexican food: 

*Corn tortillas can be served in different colors: yellow, red, and blue. 

*Tex Mex is a variation of Mexican cuisine that combines Western flavors with authentic Mexican cooking. 

*Tortillas are a staple in Mexican homes, and they are eaten with different types of meat, added with beans and eggs. 

*Mexican food is healthy because it uses fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. 

*Most Mexican meals are balanced with the nutrients you need in one serving, like having meat, vegetables, and spices all in one dish. 

*There are places in Mexico where tacos are served with exotic ingredients like grasshoppers, worms, and caterpillars. 

*Some Mexican desserts have chiles in them. 

*Quesadillas in central Mexico are not served with cheese as a filling, but with meat like beef and pork. 

*There are exotic Mexican dishes like the Caldo de Piedra, which is warmed with river rocks.  You can also get protein meals made with iguanas, rattlesnakes, and turtles. 

What Are Some Popular Mexican Dishes? 

Mexican cuisine is one of the most-loved cuisines in the world.  If you visit the streets of Mexico, you will experience every flavor in a Mexican dish that you would want to taste.  The local cooking that is apparent in the food that is being sold in the streets will give you authentic Mexican flavors. 

Make sure you get a taste of the top 8 most popular Mexican dishes: 

1) Chilaquiles 

You will not have an authentic Mexican breakfast without this dish made of corn tortilla toasted to perfection and then topped with shredded chicken and beef, chorizo, and egg. 

2) Huevos Rancheros 

Get another delectable breakfast with this traditional Mexican dish prepared with 2 corn tortillas, fried beans, and eggs, that are bathed in spicy red sauce. 

3) Machaca (Shredded dried beef) 

If you get to northern Mexico, you should not miss this versatile Mexican dish.  It’s shredded dried beef seasoned to perfection.  Eat it with a taco, as a burrito, or simply with plain rice. 

4) Discada (Plow disc BBQ) 

Another great authentic Mexican dish that is usually served during family reunions is Discada.  A very meaty dish flavored with jalapeño and other spices, plus dark beer. 

5) Tacos 

 Of course, who wouldn’t love the world-renowned Mexican dish that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone in the family?  Make it authentically Mexican by using beef steak, chorizo, offal, or sweetened spicy marinated pork.  You can choose to be exotic by using liver, bull testicles, escamoles (ant larvae), or whatever filling you choose. 

6) Burritos 

Another very popular Mexican favorite around the world is burritos.  Choose from different ingredients that you would like to stuff in: fried beans, cheese, machaca, etc. 

7) Pozole de Pollo o Guajolote (Chicken or Wild Turkey Stew) 

There are two ways you can choose to eat pozole, either green or red, with a wild turkey or chicken meat shredded to give you a classic texture. 

8) Menudo (Pork Stew) 

Also known as pancita, you will love this seasoned soup that has corn kernels and beef tripe. 

9) Cochinita Pibil 

This pork meal can be used to stuff your burritos and tortillas.  The meat becomes flavorful because it is marinated in onion, vinegar, achiote, and orange juice before it is slow-cooked. 

10) Tamales 

This iconic Mexican dish can be served on your table every day!  Stuff corn or banana leaves with your favorite filling: shredded pork, mole, pepper and cheese, corn kernels, or pork with green or red salsa. 

How to Know If You Are Eating in an Authentic Mexican Restaurant? 

Authentic Mexican cuisine uses herbs and spices like cilantro, Mexican oregano, coriander, Ceylon (Mexican cinnamon), cumin, cloves, anise, epazote, and cocoa powder.  Traditional Mexican dishes are cooked in cast iron skillets, or they are either steamed or fried.  Try some flavors of Mexico in a Mexican kitchen and a tequila bar in Frisco. 

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