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Top Ideas to Choose Gender Reveal Gifts for the First-Time Moms

Do you have a gender-revealing party coming up? If so, you might have trouble understanding what makes for appropriate gender reveal gifts. Well, you can go one of the two ways here—buy a gift for the soon-to-be-born baby or buy gifts to pamper the mom-to-be. Moms always love Visa gift cards as they will soon need to buy many items for their little one. 

The article will take you through different fun and practical gift ideas for first-time moms. 

Tips to Choose Gender Reveal Gifts for the First-Time Moms 

Gift Box 

There are several gift boxes available in the market today that make for an indulgent gift for first-time moms. For example, choose a specialty second-trimester gift box. It would include items like body butter, bath soaks, beauty masks, and sleep masks, among others. 

You can also choose to buy personalized gift hampers from and fill them with the individual items your friend or relative likes. You can stuff them with their favorite chocolates, beauty products, or books. 

Cute Tableware Set

First things first, but when one thinks of babies, the picture of the messy feeding process comes into one’s mind. You can help the parents-to-be by giving them a meal set that is personalized to babies’ needs. These kinds of sets include plates, bowls, sippy cups, and spoons. Baby bowls in these sets, for instance, have a suction base that sticks to surfaces and prevents food from falling, and silicone plates for babies in their turn, have sections to help the new parents figure out baby food portions. You can buy them all at once or collect your own gift set.

Personalized Onesies 

People like receiving personalized gifts. The little extra effort you put in shines through the gift you give. Personalized onesies are such a fun and valuable idea for new moms. Onesies are also an affordable gifting item.  

Purchase them in sets of five, and personalize them using your creative flair. For example, you may paint over them or use one of those iron-on patches. Make sure you do not use any synthetic or decorative items like metal beads that could harm the baby’s skin.    

Spa Gift Certificates 

A pampering session at the spa is one of the best gender reveal gifts you can invest in. Book the first-time mom-to-be for a special pregnancy-safe massage, or you can simply give them a gift card for any spa service of their choice. 

You can typically buy spa gift cards based on the time spent in the center—for example, a massage session ranging from 30 minutes to one and half hours. So you can easily find a service that fits well into your budget.   

Nappy Cake 

Did you know that babies need 6 to 12 nappies  in a day? Those nappies costs can quickly add up during the initial years. Thus, a nappy cake makes for a thoughtful gift for both the baby and the mom.   

You may choose to buy a pre-made nappy cake, complete with decorations. Or, if you have a knack for crafts, you could buy cloth nappies separately and build a unique gift box.  

Snack Box 

Does the first-time mom like cookies and granola bars, or does her palette favors savory snacks? Depending on her liking or late-night pregnancy cravings, you can buy a snack box or assemble one for them. 

The beauty of this gender reveal gift is that it is a unique idea and can also be highly customized according to your budget and the preference of your hostess.  

 Pregnancy could be a roller coaster experience for first-time moms. Gender reveal gifts are how you can convey your happiness, care, and support to them. Look for gifts like diapers, onesies, baby care products that can help them in the long run. Or fun, pampering gifts like spa products to help them relax and rejuvenate. 

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