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Taste with Knowledge: 5 Reasons behind the Popularity of Four Pillars Gin Bottles

This Australian gin brand which is one of the most popular & best gin makers in the world has four founders. Stuart Gregor, Cameron MacKenzie, Matt Jones, and Wilma are the names behind the great Four Pillars gin. People give Four pillars gin gifts to gin lovers as it is one of the best and has intricate taste and delicacy.  

Australia’s Yarra Valley which is famous for its wines is the base for this gin manufacturing unit too.  

What are the four pillars behind the name of the brand? 

As the name suggests the company maintains 4 pillars while making its quality gin bottles. 

*The stills: Currently, they maintain 4 stills such as Wilma, Eileen, Jude, and Betha. These stills are manufactured by CARL, a well-known German manufacturer. Wilma took a year to construct and was the first like that in Australia. It prepares superly high-quality gin bottles of 93.5% purity and a batch of 460 bottles each.  

*The water- It takes the water from the Yarra Valley and Melbourne and they claim this is the tastiest water in the world. 

*The Botanicals- They spent 18 months deciding on their botanicals, which are some of their native ingredients along with some Asian elements.  

*A bit of love- Four pillars assert their precision in their craft comes from their love for Gin, their Stills, and also the art of distilling.  

Manufacturing process 

They have a very top-notch and state-of-the-art distillation process and they are very proud of that. They prepare their base from the wheat spirit which comes from New South Wales. Then they dilute it to form 30% ABV and then proceed for distillation. This whole concoction of 450 liters goes into Wilma in addition to 9 dry botanicals and maceration takes place.  

They use their last botanical as orange and purify it through vapor infusion. The vapors from the infusion go up and reach the basket of orange and result in a flavourful concoction.  

Why whole oranges? 

They tried with orange peels and the other spicy ingredients, but it didn’t turn out well and tasted like candy. So, Dr. Klaus Hagmann of CARL recommended they put in the whole of orange and it worked for them. Though they were not convinced at first and were skeptical about it, they were amazed by the results.  

Their oranges for the gin come from various Australian manufacturers and the batch size varies. The proportion of oranges vary in making the gin because different varieties have different oil content in them.  

Taste notes 

People love the four pillars rare dry gin for its flavors and thus prefer four pillars gin gifts over others. Flavour is very important to any gin lover and this brand delivers that. The rare dry gin smells of spice and is dominated by citrus flavors. This is quite natural because they add whole oranges.  

When you take a sip, the top note is of orange, followed by some subtle floral notes. Gin enthusiasts love this one’s smoothness and the hint of pepper gives out the needed spice notes rather than just heat production. 

Let the ingredients shine 

The brand ensures that gins taste extraordinary with a single mixer & many top-notch bars in the world prefer their gin. The drink is so created that even amateurs can make cocktails with this at home and still feel the flavor of the gin. Also, the pros and the bartenders find it amazing to experiment and create amazing cocktails with this one.  

There are also some tools and techniques up their sleeves which can make your way to even remarkable cocktails. 

Taste of the gin above all in cocktails  

Before you make a cocktail from gin, taste the drink at its purest form first. Taste it by just taking it out from the bottle or with a bit of soda or tonic. Then see how the classic cocktails taste with this gin like a simple martini or a classic Negroni.  

Gradually move to make a Martinez or a Bijou or Jasmine, the gin flavors should still be intact. You can also experiment with adding other botanicals or spices to your cocktail. 

Gin lovers love this brand for their passion, innovation, and incredible storytelling and thus justifies the admiration for Four pillars gifts.  

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