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Transition To A Healthier, Happier & Thinner You With Tetrogen

With the summer literally right around the corner… I have been working on shedding a few pounds. I am looking to lose 20 to 25 pounds as the pandemic, as it has been for so many others, has not been kind to me. I have gone up a size in my jeans and pants and desperately need to lose that extra weight as not only am a bit a larger but the extra weight is also unhealthy for me. I am fine with my body as a whole and love myself for who I am on both the inside and outside… but it is all about being my healthiest self and those extra pounds that I am carrying are slowing me down and making it harder for my body to do everythign that I want it to which in unhealthy. For these reasons I have been on the hunt for an all natural product that will help me to achieve my weight loss goals which is why I jumped at the chance to give Tetrogen a try. Tetrogen is an all natural weight loss supplement that helps you to transition to a healthier, happier and thinner you and all without cravings or adverse side effects.


I know that we are all weary of products that promise to help us to lose weight as there have been tons of them over the years and to be honest…. any diet or weight loss supplement that claims it will help you to shed 20+ pounds of fat with absolutely zero change to the way that you eat or live…….is a flat out lie. In fact there is absolutely no scientific study that supports that claim at all. Rather…. If you want to truly lose weight and keep it off going forward, you have to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle and make that your new normal. This is the reason I am loving Tetrogen as Tetrogen is designed to help you transition to that new normal…… a healthier and happier you by helping to repair the underlying issues that have been preventing you from losing the weight that you wanted and ultimately from feeling fabulous. The best part… and the important part for me is that Tetrogen is a 100% natural product that I can take even though I do happen to take a cholesterol medication prescribed from my doctor. I chatted with my doctor before committing to taking Tetrogen and he was totally fine with my taking this supplement since it is 100% natural and studies have shown no adverse reaction to any pharmaceutical products. I simply brought the bottles in with me to my doctors visit and he gave name the green light and I am so glad that he did.


Now let’s talk about how Tetrogen works and why it is so effective…..

The video below showcases and explains how Tetrogen works beautifully. Before watching keep in mind that Tetrogen is a weight-loss formula scientifically designed to enable long-term, sustainable weight loss and when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it helps to kickstart weight-loss results and prevents yo-yo dieting and plateaus by helping to optimize leptin levels. The main takeaway here is that Tetrogen optimizes those leptin levels. Leptin is a protein that’s made in the fat cells, circulates in the bloodstream, and goes to the brain and basically Leptin resistance is what a lot of scientists and researchers believe is the leading driver of fat gain in humans. Tetrogen is formulated to help reverse Leptin Resistance so that you can achieve long term weight loss using the 80/20 Rule and there is a Day formulation as well as a Night formulation. Both work together to turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine which will help you achieve the results you deserve.

There are four clinically studied and patented active ingredients that will help you reach your target weight in three distinct phases when taking Tetrogen. Let’s take a look….

PHASE 1: Rebalance Leptin (a Key Metabolic Hormone)

hunger chart

As we age, especially when we are under stress or if we consume a conventional diet, our metabolic hormones like leptin can become unbalanced, which can be the root cause of excess weight gain. These unbalanced leptin levels can lead to increased cravings, eating more food to feel satiated, lower energy levels, and a slower metabolism. Tetrogen is formulated to recalibrate and rebalance leptin, which can lead to:

*Naturally decreasing portion sizes because you need less food to feel full

*Greater energy levels, giving you the energy you need for your active lifestyle

PHASE 2: Long-Term Weight Management


In this phase….Phase 2 for Long-term weight management, your leptin levels have rebalanced and long-term sustained weight management kicks in due to four primary mechanisms:

*Safely reduce appetite without cravings

*Healthy metabolic function

*Naturally higher energy levels, so you have the energy you need to stay active

*Preventing fat storage by efficiently burning calories for energy

PHASE 3: The 80/20 Rule

80/20 rule

Phase 3: The 80/20 Rule is all about weight management. Simply:

*Eat the foods you love 20% of the time (keeping portions sensible).

*Eat healthier foods 80% of the time.

Now remember that Tetrogen is specially formulated to help rebalance the metabolic hormones in your body, namely leptin, which helps naturally reduce cravings, portion sizes, and boost energy levels by increasing your bodies metabolism. Once rebalanced, you can easily transition to the 80/20 Rule and burn fat and manage weight consistently without starving yourself, living at the gym, or eating foods that you hate. I have been taking this product for about a month and at first I will say that I did not notice anything from it…but I did expect that after reading the reviews. After about 2 weeks of taking Tetrogen, I noticed that I had lost my cravings for snacks throughout the day and that I was eating a lot less at meals but still feeling full when done and completely satisfied. I have now been taking Tetrogen for 4 weeks and have lost about 8 pounds. My daughter and I are now walking daily and I will be hiking regularly in the coming weeks and my goal is to lose 20+ pounds and that is totally doable as I lost the 8 pounds without really making any changes other than taking Tetrogen and eating a bit cleaner. I am going to be following the 80/20 rule going forward to maximize and lose even more weight. Luckily… my family LOVES vegetables so I am going to be making meals with a yummy protein like Chicken, Steak or Seafood and lots of veggies on the side.

Here Is What Can Be Accomplished When You Reach the 80/20 Rule

Clinical Results from 10-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the key ingredients found in Tetrogen were found to help:

*Decrease weight by an average of 24.8 pounds*

*Reduce body fat by an average of 20%*

*Decrease waist circumference by an average of 8.6 Inches*

These are the results I am looking for as I’m looking to lose 20 pounds or so and the decrease in waist size plus the reduction of body fat are an added bonus. I am picking up another supply of Tetrogen as I am loving the results even though they are not immediate. It does take some time for the product to work its magic on the body but know that once you do… you will for sure love the results. The best part…. Tetrogen has a 90 Day Risk Free Challenge which I love as what do you have to lose…. other than the excess weight that you may want to lose and all of the positive body changes that come with?!? Seriously… if you are not completely thrilled with your results after supplementing with Tetrogen for 3 to 6 months, you are fully covered by Tetrogen’s industry-shattering money-back guarantee!

Below is a list of Tetrogen’s Patented, Clinically Proven Natural Ingredients That Are the Key to Sustained Weight Loss:

IGOB-131 Irvingia Gabonensis:


IGOB-131 is a patented extract from the African Mango. In a 10-week Clinical Study 8 published in the Journal Lipids in Health and Disease, IGOB-131 demonstrated a number of benefits to achieve and maintain target weight:

*Helps prevent fatty acid formation

*Helps block breakdown of foods into blood sugar

*Helps suppress enzyme that prevent formation of fat from blood sugar

CQR-300 – Cissus


CQR-300 is a unique, patented extract of Cissus quadrangularis, an indigenous medicinal plant of West Africa and India. In 2005, researchers at Oxford University conducted a study 7 of CQR-300 and found a wide range of health benefits, including:

*Helps inhibits enzyme amylase activity to slow starch metabolism

*Helps improve the body’s ability to burn stored fat and build lean muscle mass

*Supports healthy serotonin levels

DYG – 400 – Dyglomera

DYG – 400 – Dyglomera

Dyg-400, or Dichrostachys glomerate, originates from a rare spice from the jungles of Cameroon. This powerful ingredient helps the body use sugar more efficiently for energy, so it doesn’t get stored as fat. In a clinical study, 1 DYG-400 was found to help improve metabolic function and reduce fat deposits along with other health benefits, including:

*Helps improve leptin (hunger hormone) function to reduce cravings

*Acts as a powerful antioxidant

*Helps support blood-sugar hormone sensitivity, which triggers fat metabolism

Lipofuel – Capsaicin


Lipofuel is a patented, clinically studied form of chili powder extract and 100% exclusive to Tetrogen. Clinical study 3findings demonstrated other health benefits as well:

*Helps shrink fat cells

*Helps reduce fat levels in bloodstream

*Helps convert excess calories into heat.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract

Green tea extract is one of the most scientifically studied 9weight-loss ingredients you’ll find anywhere. It actually contains two different ingredients—caffeine and EGCG—which may help your body lose weight in different ways.

EGCG is a natural molecule in green tea extract responsible for it’s many health benefits. It’s also a well-documented weight-loss ingredient that helps your body release fat from cells and converts excess calories into heat instead of using sugars from your blood-stream.

*Helps free fat from cells so it can be burned for energy

*Helps burn more calories while at rest

*Helps support cardiovascular health along with a host of other benefits



The right amount of melatonin helps you better control cravings and get a good night’s sleep, which is vital to weight loss success. Sleep deprivation throws your leptin levels out of balance and makes you hungry while slowing your metabolism and the number of calories you burn. Melatonin helps ensure a good night’s rest and ensures your leptin levels remain in balance and your weight loss continues. 10

*Helps keep leptin levels balanced to control cravings and support long term weight loss

*Right amount helps you get a good night’s sleep and keep cravings in check

*Acts as a powerful antioxidant


So what do you think of Tetrogen? Are you like me and trying to get rid of those extra pounds that you may have picked up over the past year due to the pandemic and lockdowns? I highly recommend Tetrogen as it is a 100% all natural supplement that works and that is made with natural ingredients from good old Mother Earth. It works and it works really well and as I noted above I have reordered an additional 90 day supply of this product as it really has changed the way that I feel and look and that means I am a healthier and happier person. Not only have I lost some weight and will lose more going forward but I also feel amazing and have more energy than I have had in a long time. Check out Tetrogen for yourself and give it a try as you have nothing to lose other than those excess pounds that are holding you back. Plus if you are not happy with your results after taking Tetrogen for 3 to 6 months, you are fully covered by their fabulous money-back guarantee.

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Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!


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