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Top 10 Healthy and Delicious Foods for Lunch

baconandturkey1Bacon and Turkey Sandwich on MultiGrain Bread

Health issues are the most common issues that the modern world is facing today. People of all the ages are suffering from different types of health problems and because of that, they are switching over to healthier meals that meat their needs. People are now more focused on the food that they eat, how much they are eating and at what time they are eating in order to achieve better health. Some people avoid visiting restaurants to support their healthy eating habits. But this is not the perfect solution. There is no need to restrict yourself to meals created for dieting, you just have to pick the right foods.

seafoodsteamed1Steamed Seafood

There are lots of restaurants now that are offering delicious and healthy lunch options for their customers. Some of the restaurants prepare a separate meal chart and menu for their health conscious customers on the basis of different health targets. You can find low calorie meals, high calorie meals, diabetic meals, hypertension meals, low sugar and low sodium meals and many more options at many restaurants today.  Depending upon your choice, you can select the right meal and order your food at a discounted price by using coupons from the site of

Top List of The Healthiest Foods

veggies222Fresh Veggie  Salad

Wholesome food is a rich source of essential nutrients that are required by the body. Here is a list of The Top 10 Healthy Food Items that you can order from online restaurants and eateries PLUS you can make your payment through Paytm to get cash back rewards and discounts.

  1. Salad: it is an important part of a healthy lunch meal that should never be skipped. It contains raw fruits and vegetables that are a rich source of fiber and antioxidants that help the body with digestion and immunity. You can have chicken salad, sprouted salad, fruit salad, bean salad, broccoli salad and many many more.
  2. Soup: It is an appetizer and generally served before the meal. But soup can be a healthy option for your lunch. Freshly prepared soup is made with a puree of vegetables and herbs. You can have tomato soup, vegetable soup, corn soup, Peking soup etc. for your lunch. Soup also contains fewer calories and can make you feel more energetic.
  3. Steamed Seafood: Most seafood is a natural source of omega3, Vitamins and minerals. You can order fish like Salmon, Cod or Tuna, or other seafood items like shrimp, crabs, oysters, and clams as any of these are a healthy meal choice. Steamed cooked seafood provides you with a meal that contains less calories than fried seafood. Steamed Seafood tastes better with condiments like cocktail sauce, ketchup, mustard sauce, mayonnaise or any other type of sauce that you like.
  4. Beans and Sprouts: Beans and sprouts are a rich source of protein. Different types of beans are available, like black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans etc. that can be eaten in your meals.  Bean based meals are available at some restaurants and they serve them boiled, seasoned and mixed with lemon, mint, raw onion, and lots of fresh herbs.
  5. Mixed Vegetables: Including vegetables into your lunch helps in creating a healthy meal plan for you and your family. You can enjoy Broccoli, Capsicum, Onions, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, French Beans, Tofu and all of the other vegetables that you love and these can easily be ordered from your favorite restaurant.
  6. Oatmeal: Oats are not only tasty but they are good source of fiber. Including oatmeal into your diet helps in shredding off your weight at a faster pace. You can have sweetened oatmeal with milk, fruits and nuts and spicy and savory oatmeal with veggies.
  7. Egg Salad Sandwiches: Eggs are the perfect food for people that are looking for good diet foods. Egg Salad Sandwiches will give a nice change to the same old burger or chicken burger.
  8. Chicken and spinach: Chicken cooked with spinach provides you with the perfect combination for a super healthy diet meal option. Spinach is a super rich source of iron that helps in treating anemia.
  9. Multigrain bread: Instead of ordering meals or preparing meals that use white breads,  you should opt for the brown bread or multigrain breads instead. They are healthier, easier to digest and amazingly tasty.
  10. Low fat Turkey and Bacon Sandwich: This sandwich is best served hot. Filled with rich and exotic flavors PLUS it being low in carbs, makes it a super healthy meal option as well.

oatmeal1Healthy Oatmeal Bowls

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  • Kristen Schwarz

    These look so delicious. I’ve been trying to live a much healthier lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to find meals that I can cook that are healthy. THese are some great ideas that look delicious too!

  • Cathy Jarolin

    You are right in stating alot of people are changing their eating habits to eating Healthier! My Husband and I are trying to go all organic as we find them. Seafood is one thing
    I can’t handle, Never could! But Salads and fruits and Whole grain bread is fine. Love soup too and egg salad! Thank you for posting these good for you foods!

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