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Tips for Organizing Your Clothes When You Buy a New Wardrobe

Tips for Organising Your Clothes When You Buy a New Wardrobe

Whether you have fully redecorated or just invested in a new piece of furniture, there is nothing like a new, clear wardrobe to make you vow to start keeping your clothing better organized! There are some gorgeous wardrobes out there, from stunning handmade wooden wardrobes from Revival Beds with a classical look and feel to modern glass fronted designs. These can all make your bedroom look fantastic, but if the stuff inside is a disorganized mess it can easily ruin the effect!

Here are some tips for organizing your stuff as you transfer it into your lovely new wardrobe.

Invest In Some New Hangers

One of the most important things when it comes to organizing your clothes inside your wardrobe is the hangers. You may think a hanger is a hanger, but you will want different types, for instance, hangers with a bar across them for hanging up things like trousers, hangers with clips for skirts, and heavy-duty wooden hangers for coats, rain jackets and jackets. It can also be very frustrating hunting for the dress you want to wear when you have several on each hanger, so buy lots of them. They are not expensive and it will make your life much easier, both in moving your things into your new wardrobe and finding what you want as you start to live with it every day.

Sort Your Stuff

You will have some things that definitely need to be hung up, like shirts or dresses, other items that need to go in drawers, like underwear, some you may prefer to put on shelves inside the wardrobe, such as jeans, and then probably some things that can be hung, shelved, or stored in drawers, like casual tops and tees. If you sort what needs to go where and place them in piles, it makes it far easier to organize. Remember to create an extra pile of items you discover during the process of changing wardrobes that you actually don’t want any more, so they can be sold or given to charity.

Hang Long Things First

You may have some items that need the full length of the wardrobe to hang properly, such as full-length coats and maxi dresses. Depending on the layout of your new wardrobe, there could only be part of the interior where there is full length hanging space (for instance if you have two rows of bars in one part or drawers at the bottom). As these items take up the most space, hang them first so you can see what you have left to work with for your smaller items.

Run Out Of Space?

Your new wardrobe probably seemed huge at first, but now you have started putting things in you may run out of room sooner than you expected. If this happens, consider storing one season’s worth of clothes (for instance winter coats if it is spring now) in vacuum sealed bags and putting them away until they are needed. If you don’t have anywhere in your home to store them, you can always rent out a small storage unit to keep your clothes. This way, you’ll have enough space in your wardrobe without getting rid of anything. By looking into perth storage companies (if you live in and around this area of Australia), you may have found the answer to your problem. When the new season begins, you can just go and get the clothes out of storage and put last seasons in its place. Switching over summer and winter clothes in this way is a great way to save space.

Now your wardrobe is full and ready for your new, more organized bedroom style!


  • gloria patterson

    love all three of these wardrobes………… good tips

    I like the velvet hangers thin stuff does not slip off the hanger

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This looks great. For some reason I have a hard time with this. Thank you for sharing this great information. I will be working on this

  • Karen Propes

    Wow, love all the wardrobes, I could use each one in different rooms. I try to keep everything in it’s place, but when the others come through grabbing and not putting everything back, I just hate it. I know it won’t be perfect all the time, but with my OCD, it does get to me at times. Thanks for your tips, you have helped me more than you will ever know.

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