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Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean, Even With Furry Family Members!

I am not sure about you….. but my life is all about my family and that includes my husband, my kids and also…. My furry family members…. Shadow the cat and Chewey the Chihuahua. Both are rescue pets that we have had for 7 plus years and they are everything to us. With pets and kids, there are always messes to clean up and I am always cleaning on a daily basis especially because the house we have has hardwood floors which makes sweeping a daily chore. This is the reason I had to share my cleaning secret…. Neato Robotics and their Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum. This amazing robotic vacuum keeps my floors tidy so that I do not have to worry about sweeping my floors daily! It is truly a lifesaver and every home needs one… most especially if you have furry family members in your household too.

Cleaning the home

The Neato D8 Robotic Vacuum comes with the signature Neato Robotics quality and D-shape design that they are known for and that people have come to expect from their robot vacuums. It is truly the clear choice when it comes to your cleaning needs as it will clean your home when you want, how you want, and the D-shape design reaches areas that traditional round robots cannot. The Neato D8 uses LaserSmart navigation which allows it to clean with precision, even in those dark hard-to-reach places like under your bed and under other pieces of furniture. It has a 360 degree view even in the dark and the LaserSmart navigation is LIDAR, which is the same technology found in self driving vehicles.

Check out this video which showcases how perfectly this robot vacuum works at mapping and cleaning your floors….

The Neato D8 is a beautiful piece too. Not only does it work amazingly well but it is also really nice to look at. It features a fresh new clean Indigo color with a brushed finish and is designed to cover more surface area. It can clean up to 750 sq feet on a single charge which makes it ideal fo smaller to medium sized homes. The Neato D8 has up to 100 minutes of runtime but rest assured that if your home is larger and the unit needs a recharge in the middle of cleaning…….the robot will go back to its charging dock and auto-recharge and then resume to complete your cleaning job.

Neato robotic vacuum

The Neato D8 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum makes cleaning a breeze with its big cleaning brush and large size dirt bin that can hold a lot more tha the average robot vacuum. The spiral combo brush is up to 70% bigger than those found in round robots and it’s effective on any surface you throw its way. Think hardwood floors, carpet or tile…. The Neato D8 has you covered. The large size 0.7-liter dirt bin can hold more dirt, dust, and dander to ensure a faster and more complete clean no matter if you are home or not.

Cleaning your home with the Neato D8

Another fabulous feature about the Neato D8 that makes it the perfect robotic vacuum for pet lovers…. Is that this unit traps allergens and allows you to breathe freely. Vacuums in general suck up lots of dust and debris…. And the same is true for a robotic vacuum. The high-performance filter that the Neato D8 comes with is designed to trap the  allergens that make you sneeze, itch and suffer. In fact…. This bad boy captures up to 99% of allergens making it the perfect choice for pet owners.

Cleaning your home with the Neato D8

Cleaning the homie and making a No-Go Zone

The Neato Robotics D8 is built to be convenient too due to the technology that is built right in. It is convenience in the palm of your hand as you can literally control the vacuum through the MyNeato app. Once you set this up with your phone via the app…. You can schedule cleaning with routines as well as create No-Go Zones for your robot. If you have certain areas of your home that you want the vacuum to avoid…. You simply create a No-Go Zone and the D8 will know to avoid that area. I have one room in my home that is No-Go Zone and this feature makes it a breeze to schedule cleanings when I am not home.

Cleaning the home with the D8 by Neato

Another thing that I love about the Neato D8 is that no job is too big or too small as you can switch the Neato D8 between Eco and Turbo modes. For those extra tough jobs…. Just shift the unit into Turbo mode for a deep, thorough clean with extra pickup. Turbo mode is perfect for carpets as it increases the suction of the unit and also speeds up the Spiral Combo Brush, making sure to get into each and every last crack and crevice…. Ensuring a thorough clean like no other. If the cleaning job is a daily quick clean on hardwood floors and hard surfaces, you can keep the D8 in Eco Clean mode and it will clean perfectly.

Cleaning the home

So what do you think of the Neato D8 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum? Are you a pet owner like myself? Are you looking for the perfect tool to help you out with your home cleaning chores, especially with the busy hectic lives we live today? Look no further than Neato Robotics and their D8 Robot Vacuum which is perfect for pet owners and families as it cleans and provides the ultimate in convenience….simply with the touch of a button. Check out Neato Robotics today online and on social media today!

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Cleaning your home with the Neato D8

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