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How to Keep Your Home Cleaner as a Pet Owner 

We love our pets, but they can be worse than children when it comes to messing up our homes. If you’re someone who likes to keep a clean and tidy home, then it can be a challenge.  

To approach things the right way and not have them drive you up the wall, here is how to keep your home cleaner with pets.   

Make the Floors Easier to Clean 

When you have puppies or kittens, or a senior dog who doesn’t have as much control over her bowels, the occasional toilet ‘accident’ is to be expected.  

Being able to remove it quickly, spray disinfectant, and wipe down the area is much better than dealing with carpeting. Carpets are not pet friendly because unwanted remnants can get deposited inside the carpet, leaving a lingering smell.  

Tiles are a good choice in some parts of the home. These can help with the clean-up process with pets. But you don’t need to feel restricted with the design choice because many have impressive shape and colour combinations. Take a look at the tiles on this site to get inspired: originalfeatures.co.uk

Apply the Lint Roller 

A lint roller is something that your dog or cat will either love or hate.  

Once they get used to the feeling, they often learn to adore it because it feels like they’re being stoked all over. Cats are harder to please if they’re scared of the roller or are reticent to be touched. So, this suggestion is pet dependent. However, it can pull up fur that would otherwise have been deposited elsewhere.  

Automatic Vacuum to the Rescue 

Let’s face it. Dogs and cats are often scared of the vacuum. Whether you’re pushing along this offensive device, or it moves under its own power, they’re not going to like it either way! They’ll just need to be placed elsewhere, put in the garden, or taken for a walk while vacuuming.  

To get a better handle on moulting dog hair and the occasional cat fur laying on the floor, a robotic vacuum makes light work of it. It can be programmed to operate during the day, or at night, so it doesn’t get in the way. This will help to raise the cleanliness without feeling like you’re forever cleaning up after your beloved pets.  

Clean Their Paws Before Coming Indoors 

When your pet loves to play in the garden or they enjoy going to the park, then their paws will track in dirt and mud.  

While your cat will eventually lick some of it off, they won’t do so right away. Therefore, gently cleaning all the paws entering the home before the dirt or mud travels everywhere saves on trouble later.  

Also, using a rug near the door while their paws are being wiped off helps to contain the debris to one spot.  

By being diligent about your pets, what they track into the home, and how much hair or fur falls off them, it’s possible to keep your home cleaner than it otherwise would be. Anyone slightly allergic to pets will thank you later too. 

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