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With Father’s Day literally right around the corner…. I have been on the hunt to find the perfect gifts for Dad this year. My husband is amazing and he deserves so much for all that he does for me and for our family which is why I have been thinking of putting together a gift basket of sorts full of pampering and self care products that he will love and some gift cards too to his favorite home improvement store. I figured some pampering and self care items will be the perfect fit this year as 2021 has been all about pampering and self care for me personally and for this reason I jumped at the chance to work with Pete & Pedro to gift their fabulous line of grooming and self care products to my husband as I know he will love them. Keep in mind that I am gifting these to my husband for Father’s Day but these products are perfect for any special man in your life whether that be your husband, boyfriend, brother or son and for any occasion… Father’s Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Christmas and ‘just because’. What better way to show that special man in your life how much you love them than by gifting them fabulous grooming products that will make him feel and look amazing.

Pete & Pedro

A Bit about Pete & Pedro……

Pete & Pedro was started by YouTube sensation Aaron Marino and after years of building an audience with his down-to-earth, humorous, bold, and authentic videos on a whole slew of men’s topics from grooming to lifestyle to fitness, Aaron’s entrepreneurial eagerness consumed him. He was not happy at all with the styling products and aids he had been using for his dynamic hair and sought the sage advice of his world-renowned stylist Stephen Posta about starting a hair care line. After almost a year of development, grooming gold was struck and P&P was launched! Aaron has been on Shark Tank twice (once for Pete & Pedro!) and has been featured in countless publications and media from GQ to Inc. Now let’s take a look at my favorite products from Peet & Pedro:

Pete & Pedro REBEL Eau de Parfum

Pete & Pedro REBEL Fragrance

REBEL by Pete & Pedro is a fabulous fragrance for men! My husband absolutely loves it an I do to which is the key. REBEL by Pete & Pedro is more than a scent, it’s a statement. Its motto is Be Bold. Be Confident. Be You. Check out this video from Aaron that explains this scent perfectly and take it from me… it is fabulous.

REBEL by Pete & Pedro is inspired by the Creed Aventus Scent which is a fabulous scent but a scent that is quite pricey. Pete & Pedro created their own unique fragrance but at a price that everyone can appreciate. The scent starts with an infatuating citrus blend that is as daring as it is delightful. REBEL proceeds to quickly entertain your nosebuds, and then suddenly, seductively, turns warm and mysterious. You will enjoy lasting notes of woods, musk, and spice that leave their mark inspiring you to seize the day and conquer the night. This is a fabulous scent and my husband has been wearing it everyday after his morning shower and I love it!

REBEL @ a Glance:

*Size: 1.7 oz. / 50 ml

*Type: EDP – Eau de Parfum

*Top Notes: Bergamot Citrus, Pineapple Fruit, Nutmeg Spice

*Middle Notes: Cassis Fruit, Thyme & Sage Herbals

*Base Notes: Mossy, Woody Amber & Patchouli

Pete & Pedro REBEL Fragrance

I also have to point out that REBEL is an Eau de Parfum (EDP) making it the highest concentration in men’s fragrance. The higher the concentration…. the more intensely noticeable the fragrance will be (without being obnoxious) and the longer it will last which is something that I love as I just love smelling it on my husband. You will enjoy this fabulous scent for a solid 4-6 hours which is amazing at the price you pay for this wonderful smelling mens fragrance. Definitely a must have for any man in your life… young or old.

Pete & Pedro Clean Tea Tree Shampoo

Pete & Pedro Clean Shampoo

Pete & Pedro’s Deep Cleansing Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Clean is an amazing shampoo as its scent awakens and energizes you when using it. My husband also loves how much it lathers which is really luxurious and amazing when using. The peppermint scent awakens the senses and let you know the shampoo is working hard. Tee Tree Oil is known to help remove oily build-up and it naturally works at ridding the scalp of dandruff and flaking skin. This is an amazing men’s shampoo and it is Paraben-free but it is good to note that this shampoo is not ideal for color treated hair.

man washing his hair

This shampoo is Pete & Pedro’s signature shampoo and it contains loads of invigorating peppermint and tea tree oil which deliver big time cleanliness via a rich lather. Simply use a small amount… just a small squeeze should be more than enough to keep hair fresh, vibrant, healthy, and clean like never before. Simply wet your hair, lather with the shampoo and then rinse thoroughly. You can also pair this one with Pete & Pedro’s Peppermint Cream Conditioner or their Cowboy Tobacco Cream Conditioner. Peppermint is Pete & Pedro’s ultimate nourishing cream conditioner and Tobacco Cream is fabulous too with its manly, tobacco fresh scent. Both conditioners are packed with ingredients that provide the results you are looking for…. restores damaged hair and brings energy and life to dull dry hair.

Clean @ a Glance

*Size: 8 oz. (2 oz. travel size available)

*Scent: Strong peppermint

*Key Ingredients: Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, panthenol. Paraben-free

TIP: If you’re not sure which shampoo from Pete & Pedro you should use for your hair, you can take their 30 second Shampoo Quiz and get your answer in a jiffy!

Pete & Pedro DESPERADO – Rum & Tobacco Body Wash

Pete & Pedro DESPERADO Body Wash

Pete & Pedro’s Desperado – Rum Barrel & Tobacco Body Wash is everything and my husband loves it. This body wash provides a burst of manliness perfect for both tough guys and softies. Pete & Pedro spared no expense with this amazing product and not only does it look ridiculously cool with its pearlized texture and brownish/tan color, but it also smells fabulous! The body wash has a ridiculously wicked manly rum barrel & tobacco scent that is everything and it lets you know it is doing its thing without being overpowering. lt just smells fabulous and I will for sure make sure he has more of this plus all of the fabulous products mentioned here as they are amazing.

Pete & Pedro’s DESPERADO – Rum & Tobacco Body Wash is an eco-friendly wash that also moisturizes the skin unlike most washes that actually dry the dermis. I also appreciate that this body wash uses activated charcoal to absorb impurities from the skin and once you’re done … your skin will feel soft, supple and radiant. To use…. simply squeeze a bit into a loofah or sponge and lather generously all over your body and then rinse. I recommend purchasing this with Pete & Pedro’s loofah as it enhances the shower experience when using this body wash and exfoliates as it cleans. The body wash is Paraben free, Alcohol free & Eco-Friendly.

Desperado – Rum Barrel & Tobacco Body Wash @ a Glance

*Size: 12 oz.

*Scent: Rum Barrel & Tobacco notes

*Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Willowbark Extract, Green Tea Extract. Paraben free.

Pete & Pedro 8-Piece Manicure Set

Pete & Pedro Manicure Set

The Pete & Pedro 8-Piece Manicure Set is everything! I snagged this personally as I love the tools! This isn’t an accessory to your grooming arsenal…. but rather an essential. Think about it… you spend all of that time making sure your hair, body and ‘self’ look amazing so it is crucial to not forget those nails and hands as they are one of the first things everyone notices.

Pete & Pedro 8 Piece Manicure Set

This professional 8-piece do-it-all manicure kit is encased in a slick leather case emblazoned with the famous and fabulous P&P logo. All of the tools within this kit are uber-durable and strong and are made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel meets all quality standards and has an excellent chemical resistance so that no grime or rust will accumulate on any of these tools. This jack-of-all-trades set also includes tools for the cuticle, ear cleaning (sayonara ear wax), and hair-plucking (unibrows are a big no-no). Also… a tip for your cuticles: the cuticle is the barrier between your nails and skin which protects you from getting infections. Be sure to use the cuticle tools to push the cuticle back thoroughly until you see the clean line of the cuticle. It’s really important and this set is perfect to ensure you have a set on hand anytime that you may need it. Thank work, in the car, at home, etc… and as are all of Pete & Pedro’s products… this makes an amazing gift! Look at all you get in this kit:

The 8-Piece Manicure Set @ a Glance:

*Nail Clippers – easily clips those long nails properly. Includes Pedro logo too.

*Nail Scissors – keeps your nails and cuticles trimmed and neat. Great for trimming long eyebrows and even ear hair.

*Nail File/Cleaner – smoothes and shapes the nail after trimming. The cleaner gets the gunk out from underneath your nails easily easily.

*Cuticle Nippers – make snipping excess cuticles and skin easy and precise.

*Cuticle Trimmer – angled end pushes back the cuticle and the metal-V end neatly trims it away.

*Cuticle Pusher – pushes down overgrown skin so that you can maintain a clean nail bed (helps so don’t get hangnails or bleeding).

*Ear Cleaner – Used to scrape out earwax. Be gentle in there.

*Tweezer – plucking master for eyebrows, hangnails and splinters even.

Pete & Pedro

So what do you think of these fabulous products form Pete & Pedro? Do you have a special man in your life that you need the perfect gift for? Look no further than Pete & Pedro as they have all of the grooming tools and products needed to make sure that special man looks amazing and smells amazing PLUS who could not use a little self care and pampering? Check out Pete & Pedro today and impress Dad with those gifting skills!

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