The Many Reasons Adopting A Chihuahua Is The Perfect Choice For Anyone Living In NYC

The Many Reasons Adopting A Chihuahua Is The Perfect Choice For Anyone Living In NYC


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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that my family and I are obsessed with our furry family member Chewey the Chihuahua. It is also no secret that I am a big supporter of pet adoptions from a local shelter as I believe that it is of utmost importance to help pets in need when anyone is considering bringing a new pet into their home. Adopted pets make the best pets as they are so appreciative of what you have done for them and they are extremely loyal. We were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to rescue Chewey from a local shelter 8 years ago…. and our lives, especially my daughters, were forever changed and for the better.

Chihuahua in NYC

Living in NYC is one of the most fabulous things ever as it is truly the city that never sleeps and when it comes to owning a pet in NYC… I do believe that Chihuahuas are the perfect fit. They are the perfect size for the big city as they do well in small living environments, they can easily be carried around in a small tote bag or purse, they are amazing with children, and they can accompany you to many shops and eateries throughout the city that are pet friendly

Chihuahuas are also perfect for New York City as they are a small breed with a huge heart. They will not be intimidated by the hustle and bustle of the big city and they will trot around like they own the place for sure. Chihuahuas are the popular choice for adoption as they are fiercely loyal, loving and they make amazing snuggling companions for the kiddos and more. 

So what do you think? Are you looking to adopt a pet or rehome a pet anytime soon? A Chihuahua makes the perfect companion as they will hang with you and go with you just about anywhere. From strolling through Central Park in their favorite doggie sweater, to eating at the Pier 1 Cafe in Lincoln Square or for going along with you on a shopping trip while you browse through the racks at your favorite boutique…… the mighty Chihuahua will for sure be the most loyal and loving companion anyone will have the pleasure of loving!

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  • Ronald Gagnon

    Don’t know much about suitability for New York City…but 2 of the 3 of our family work twice a week for an Animal Rescue Service..and see the love of so many of these abandoned animals

    • Karen Baker

      I had one. A little long hair female. She passed away @ 10 yrs old. I really miss her bad. And I would love to have an other one. They are the best to me. Thank y’all so much.

  • Anna

    Awwwww they are so cute. We love our dog, and won’t mind getting another . The one we have now think she is a little baby.

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