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Celebrate Every Moment, Place & Memory with Personalized Maps from Craft & Oak

My husband and I just recently purchased a new home in Pennsylvania in a town called Dingmans Ferry in The Poconos. It is simply beautiful there and my husband and I are in the process of moving our belongings to the new home from our In Laws house. We are moving our stuff to the new house a little at a time as we are still living with my in laws… we are helping to get them ready to sell their own home. This past weekend we rented a truck and brought more of our belongings to the house and this time… I decided to set up my office space so that I have the perfect space to work in when I am here. Decorating and organizing my office is a must because if I feel good about the space… it motivates and inspires me to work more and ultimately to stay productive. For this reason I jumped at the chance to work with Craft & Oak as they allow you to design your own custom map ~ personalized maps that allow you to celebrate every moment, place, and memory when traveling, moving, celebrating and more.

City Map from Craft& Oak

Craft & Oak allows you to map your favorite destinations and moments. You can pay tribute to your favorite family vacation or vacations… creating special maps that look amazing displayed in your home. Revisit special travel locations, create a map of your favorite city, make a map to immortalize a place where something special happened like when you met your soul mate, or gave birth to your children. With Craft & Oak you can immortalize a place that is important to you or simply create an incredible piece of art to display in your home. They have custom city map posters that look really cool and they have tons of styles and color options to choose from. They make an amazing gift for your home or for someone special on your gift giving list.

City Map from Craft & Oak

I love that with Craft & Oak you can design your own city map print and celebrate your life’s adventures… like I am with my Dingmans Ferry PA map. It is the perfect addition to my office and I even went with a coloring that matches the teals and whites that I have in my office space.

Craft & Oak City Map of Dingmans Ferry PA

The map came out beautifully right? I ordered a frame from Amazon to put it in and it fits beautifully and the simple black design will never go out of style.

City Map from Craft & Oak

I chose a city map when I designed my map with Craft & Oak but they have more than City Maps. They also have Star Maps which are super cool, Travel Maps (coming soon) that will allow you to showcase an amazing trip that you took and turn it into a piece of art and they also have Coordinates of a special place that you can have framed and turned in to art work to display in your home. Craft & Oak does amazing work too as my piece came out perfectly and I cannot wait for my family and friends to see it on display as it is a conversation piece too.

Craft & Oak Collage of Maps

I am thinking of creating a star map of the night my husband and I met and I also like the idea of a star map for the night my kids were born as well. They are next on my list as I am loving how my City Map came out for Dingmans Ferry Pennsylvania.

Craft & Oak

So what do you think of Craft & Oak? Do you have some moments that you would like to preserve via beautiful works of art in the form of a City Map, Star Map, Travel Map or Coordinates piece? Check out Craft & Oak today and keep them in mind whenever you are in need of a gift for someone special on your gift giving list as Craft & Oak has you covered. Take advantage of the limited time offer below too…. As you can save 20% Off!

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