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The Employment Overview of Booming Legal Marijuana Industry

The marijuana legalization wave has swept the large part of the US. More and more states are moving towards legalization and decriminalization. Hawaii seem to be next up for decriminalization so deciding to find more at can help you keep ahead of the curb. With 30 states legalizing the medicinal uses of marijuana and 10 states putting the blanket legalization in place, the legal cannabis industry has become one of the most lucrative options for investments, including the cannabis industry which produces things like Cheap Dab Rigs.

Amid the ongoing statewide legalizations, the accumulative cannabis industry in the US has succeeded in acquiring investments of more than $10 billion. For this year, it has been estimated that the market capitalization of the legal marijuana industry will exceed the $16 billion mark.

With this astounding amount of money funneling into the industry, an entire range of new employment and business opportunities have been created. Here, we are going to discuss the eight occupational positions in the legal marijuana industry that need the workforce at any given moment.

1) Chefs for Edible Products

Popular culture glamorized edible marijuana items for a long time. Now, they have become a legal commodity in many states and hence in great demand. You can even buy edibles online in some areas of the world. Besides recreational consumption, some cannabis edibles are prescribed to MMJ patients as well. Chefs that can create recipes with the perfect balance between culinary taste and marijuana are all the go in all legal states.

Having prior experience of food handling can land you a job as an edible chef. However, having a culinary-related degree will brighten the prospects.

2) Delivery Jobs

A lot of delivery jobs have been popped in different states after marijuana legalization. For instance, truck drivers are required to transport buds in between the cultivation centers, labs, packaging centers, and retail outlets. Many states have also allowed home delivery for medical marijuana products. So, delivery men are also required there.

Having a valid driving license and clean criminal record are the only prerequisites to secure a job as a delivery guy in the legal cannabis industry. Some companies, however, ask people to bring in their own vehicles and GPS devices for the job. Also, in a few states, delivery guys need to possess their own physician-issued MMJ permits to deliver the products at home.

3) Budtenders

The job of a budtender is very similar to a bartender’s; hence, the similar sounding name. They are the go-to people in any MMJ dispensary or retail store. They guide the customers regarding all the different strain available in any particular establishment.

Apart from guiding and educating customers regarding different buds, strains, and other MMJ products, they also persuade them in order to drive up sales. Budtenders must have exceptional customer service skills and an amiable disposition.

With the above description, it is pretty clear that budtenders are at the most crucial juncture of the marijuana industry. They are the ones that actually make the sale to end customers to bring in the revenues. For that matter, the position of a budtender is right now considered the most prized in the industry.

A budtender with vast information about marijuana and good interpersonal skills can make a good amount of money even if they don’t have any experience of working in the same position. This guide to become a budtender can be of great help if you are considering assuming a front role in the budding marijuana industry.

4) Chief Grower

This is an important job position at the backend of the things. A head grower has to have many skills. He should have horticulture expertise. He should know how to manage a team (trimmers and growers). He also has to take care of everyday cultivation operations.

Guiding new people regarding potting, watering, transfers, mixing and other planting activities are also the part of the job if you are working as a chief grower at any cultivation facility. Obviously, this multitasking job position comes with a lucrative salary offer.

5) Lab Jobs

Legal marijuana has to fulfill a number of federal and state compliances to become a marketable commodity. Therefore, the buds can’t directly end up at the retail stores from the cultivation sites. They need to go through scientific scrutiny and testing in the labs, where they are tested for the presence of toxic chemicals (insecticides etc) and pests. Besides the testing, the preparation of many legal MMJ products needs extraction and processing that can only be carried out in labs.

In short, there are a lot of lab jobs that are now available in the legal marijuana industry. From managers to machine specialists, one can find a list of different positions at legal marijuana processing and extraction facilities.

6) Security Guards

The job of a security guard is also in demand in the legal marijuana landscape. For every marijuana facility whether it’s a cultivation site, a warehouse, a lab, or a retail outlet securing the premises through trained security personnel is a staple requirement.

But besides that, security guards are also in demand because the legal marijuana industry is working on cash. Due to the federal ban on marijuana, banks are still hesitant to provide their service to the statewide legal marijuana business. As a result, they have to keep the large sum of currency at the premises making them more prone to thefts, vandalism, and robberies.

The guard certification requirement pertaining to the respective state and having the license to carry a firearm are the general requirements to be a security guard at any legal marijuana establishment.

7) Production Manager

This position is the C-suite equivalent in the marijuana industry. From seed to sale-the production manager is actually responsible to take care of the entire process. Like any production managing role, this job in the marijuana industry also needs the same expertise. Staff management, budgeting, and managing timelines are the common tasks of any marijuana production manager.

8) Marketing Manager

The legal marijuana landscape is inherently competitive. Therefore, businesses operating there need to be on their A game with marketing and promotion from day one where cannabis branding is concerned. Marketing managers are there at the helm of this crucial undertaking. They must know the legal boundaries within which they can work out the promotion of a marijuana business.

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