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Winter Biking Adventure- 5 Best Places for Riding Bikes this Winter

Biking in the winter, with the wetness and slush can be very testing to a biker’s gear and their psyche. The many benefits that come from riding retrospec bikes should not be downgraded in the colder weather. Think about all of the pluses; including maintaining a perfect physique and health all year round, and defying traffic congestions. Also, you can proudly tell everyone that nothing, not even sub-zero temperatures, can put you off your cycling game.

The first thing you need for pleasant rides is a multi speed bike as it offers so many unique benefits. If you are a man, you can choose the best bicycle for men as well. Have all the gears necessary to keep you safe in a winter bike ride and enjoy biking in places like the following this winter.

Mallorca Islands

The island offers an almost year-round lovely temperature, plus scenic views and adventurous cycling trails. The roads on the island may be considered more quiet than most of the other winter biking stops and presents an awesome attraction of log climbs, solid roads, and dense quality surface.

Tucson, Arizona

Southern Arizona offers biking enthusiasts some of the best mountain biking experiences in America, and the biggest attraction is that the year-round riding experience is absolutely phenomenal. Southern Arizona is a true cycling community, with university students cycling between classes, to the El Tour do Tucson, cyclers are everywhere. Cycling here in the winter can prove to be some of the most amazing experiences a cyclist can imagine, with the rocky grounds and nature views. Cyclists have choices of cycling down the Yetman Trail, the Star Pass Main Loop, or the Old Pueblo.

Park City, Utah

Summer bike rides are fun in the city, but add a picturesque winter season and you have got a real winner. The Park City community is very active in the biking scene, providing bike trails and supporting bicycle gear through the winter and fall season.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is favored as a pro cycling destination for many good reasons. One being that the options for road riding is endless, and the city has truly stable and agreeable weather. Whatever your biking preference is, Santa Barbara almost definitely has it; from flat riding to epic mountain and hill climbs.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Kona is the ultimate cycling destination for competitive cyclists. Another attractive feature is that the courses are home to the competitions where cycling champions are made every year. Kona is popular for its warmer climates, and even in November, it stays warm. Kailua-Kona makes available hotels and family friendly provisions to cater for a family vacation. Choosing Kona as your winter getaway will make it feel like you are still chilling in the summer and the place offers cycling paths like the Queen K Highway and Ali’i Drive, or you can take a beach ride on the Kahaluu Beach.

The snow may be falling and causing gloom where you live, but if you are a cycling enthusiast, you should know that there are places that are compatible with your cycling love, even in the winter. There are plenty of awesome riding destinations all over, all you need to do is pack some winter gear, head over and have the best winter cycling experience.


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