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5 Accessories You Need To Enjoy Stress-Free Activities With Dogs

Speaking for ourselves, we are inseparable from our four-legged friends. What started as taking a puppy on a long walk in the countryside has ended up buckling them into the front seat of the car and driving off to go canoeing, or taking them along on a hike up to the peak of a mountainous trail. Basically, whatever we do, the dog’s doing too. While this is all well and good and provides you both with a fun and healthy way to spend your days, enjoying activities with dogs, especially outdoor activities, can get a little stressful.  

That’s where these pet accessories come in. Whether you worry about your dog getting lost, injured or pulled under the water, these five accessories will help to provide you with peace of mind so you can enjoy activities with your dog or dogs stress-free.

Dog raincoat

One of the more stylish necessities when taking your pup out (especially in winter), a dog raincoat is a brilliant place to start when thinking about outdoor activities with dogs. While there are dogs that can deal with and love being sodden through and through, others would rather keep their coat dry, or have thick fur which will take time to dry properly, potentially slowing them down and ruining the fun ahead. Another reason why a dog raincoat is the perfect piece of kit when taking your dog out on an adventure is the fact that a wet dog is soon going to turn into a cold dog. So if you are out on a hike and you see a raincloud rolling over the hills, wrap your dog up and keep him nice and dry.

Dog buoyancy aid

If you enjoy being by or on the water and like to take your dog with you, then a dog buoyancy aid is a must have. Similarly to how even the best swimmers take precautions while kayaking or swimming, any land animal that can swim should also be assisted by a dog buoyancy aid as to avoid any unfortunate turn of events while out in the water. Buoyancy aids also offer you an easy way to spot your dog out in the water, as well as provide an easy way to lift and lower them into the water, so make sure to give your dog all the right gear they need while out on the water.

Pet first aid kit

Possibly the most important accessory on this list, pet first aid kits are essential for enjoying stress-free outdoor activities with dogs. After all, you never know what your surroundings may throw at you and it’s the exact same case for dogs. Cut paws, bruised legs, a bump on the head, or heaven forbid anything worse, these are the things that you must prepare for and be ready to deal with at a moments notice, and while you may be lucky enough to never have to deal with any of these issues, you do not want to be caught out and unprepared should you have to tackle these injuries.

Pet tracker

We all know how manic and mischievous some dogs can be, bolting from one side of a field to the other, running off to inspect nearby rabbit holes, or escaping your sight to explore the nearby woods. The worst feeling in the world is when your heart sinks as you struggle to find your pet, but a pet tracker can really help to take a load off your mind. Pet trackers, located in harmless collars or collar attachments, provide you with peace of mind when you can no longer see your pet, and using them is as simple as downloading an app on your phone and syncing it up with the tracker. Pet trackers allow your furry friend to explore on their own for a little bit without stressing you out. As long as you know where they are and they’re not close to anything dangerous, you should have nothing to worry about!

Doggy Sleeping bag

During those longer excursions into the wilderness where you may be camping for several nights and dealing with the chilly winter evenings, it may be wise to invest in a doggy sleeping bag. We all love to cuddle with our pets, and while in the summer this may be a viable option, your winter sleeping bag will most likely not offer you and your pet enough room, and for the smaller dogs out there they may not have the natural ability to deal with the cold temperatures. This is where investing in a sleeping bag for your dog comes in handy, as you will no longer have to worry about them shivering the night away. Instead they will have their own cosy den to curl up and spend the night in blissful warmth while you both get some well-deserved rest.That’s all for our list of accessories you need to enjoy stress-free activities with dogs. It’s by no means a comprehensive list, but they ought to cover most of the bases. If you can think of anything that we’ve missed that’s equally as important, let us know. You can message us on Facebook or Twitter.

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