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How to properly prepare for an asylum interview

Some people will tell you that asylum interview is all about collecting documents such as the form i-730. While this is true to an extent, there are much more factors that have to be considered. Whether or not you succeed at getting the documents have everything to do with your persona and communication skills as it does with the papers that you provide.

                There are lots of hidden obstacles along the way. Some people may completely disregard them which may cost them the asylum.

                Don’t be one of them! Make sure to get acquainted with everything in advance. This list will definitely help you with that!

Think how to properly present the documents

As already mentioned, documents are just a small part of the story. There is much more to it and you will learn it along the way. One of the most neglected things is how you present these documents. The papers are used to corroborate your story but sometimes, if you’re unable to connect all the dots, your story may sound inconsistent and lacking. This in itself can lead to a denial. Make sure to create the right story in your head, put all facts and details on a paper and start presenting them one by one. Your documents should be used to confirm this story, not the other way around.

Don’t lie

In order to achieve their goals, people are willing to do lots of different stuff. One of them is lying. In some cases, asylum seekers will lie as they are unable to deal with all the situations they’ve gone through. Whether it’s to accomplish your goals and hide the truth or whether you’re ashamed, you should never lie to the officers. In most cases, it will be easy to confirm your story especially given all the documents. So, lying is something that can easily lead to a denial. In some cases, people will give an opinion that isn’t necessarily based on facts but instead on bias or limited information. This will also be perceived as lies. It is much better to say that you don’t know something than to confirm something that might not be true.

Get a translator

This is an easy and cheap tip. Everyone has the right to a free translator. There is no need to struggle with some legal terms or technical stuff. Make sure to notify asylum officers in advance and they will provide a great professional. If you ask for a translator after the process start, you will not be awarded one so make sure to think in advance.

Consider getting a lawyer

Immigration lawyers can be great. They do cost a lot of money especially compared to lawyers in some other countries. Still, this is a great investment that will pay off when you get the papers. Make sure to focus on people who specialize in asylum law as they are your best bet. Also, ask friends and family if they know someone good.

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