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I am excited to share some of my favorite magazines with you guys and also the perfect place to subscribe to have them delivered straight to your mailbox and all at the savviest price. In comes the Magazine.Store as they carry the most popular titles including my favorites… Better Homes & Garden, Southern Living & Martha Stewart Living. Magazine.Store is my new go-to for my subscription needs as their prices are super savvy compared to my picking them up when I visit my local store plus with Magazine.Store they are delivered straight to my home each month which is amazingly convenient.


My all time favorite magazines have always been titles like Better Homes & Garden and Southern Living as my mom always had these magazines in our home when I was growing up. I have fond memories of them on the coffee table in our living room and we would swap them out each month with fresh titles when they came in the mail. I would use these magazines to find the latest in home decor, styling suggestions, cool DIY projects that I could try on my own….plus yummy, easy to make recipes that were perfect for weeknight meals or anytime. This is the reason I still purchase these magazines today as now that I have my own home and family and I can use the tips, styling suggestions and recipes that these wonderful magazines provide.


I honestly just love to have a few magazines on hand for reading and enjoying when I have some time to burn or in the early morning when I am out on the deck enjoying my coffee. I can whip out my newest copy of Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living or Southern Living as they are the perfect read to enjoy while sipping my coffee and starting my day. I actually love doing this as I can find recipes in the morning that inspire me to make that night for dinner. It makes cooking fun and a bit adventurous as trying new recipes is always fun to me plus I get my husband and kids to try something new as well.


There is a pork fajita recipe that I use to this day from a Better Homes & Garden Magazine that my mom had in the late 80’s. It is the most amazing recipe ever and the recipes are one of the biggest reasons that I love subscribing to these magazines.


Now besides the yummy recipes that Better Homes & Garden magazines provide…. it is also packed full of tips and tricks for the home. They cover it all and provide tips and examples of the trending styles and colors for the home. They cover the latest in trending paint schemes as well as decor and design tips for indoor and outdoor living plus they even provide tips for the coolest in plants for the home… both indoors and out which is another passion of mine.


It does not stop there as Better Homes & Garden also shares the latest in trends and the newest of skincare, haircare and beauty products too and many are budget friendly which is something that I love.



I also love that with a subscription from the Magazine.Store, you receive a new magazine each month and that you get the latest in recipes and cool crafting and DIY projects that are based on the seasons… like this months newest edition for October. There are super cool DIY projects and suggestions for the coolest in decorating your pumpkins and there are a few I am going to do with my god daughter Scarlet this weekend as she will love the ‘Making Faces’ pumpkins. These are great suggestions for us moms too as they provide fun crafting projects that you and the kiddos can do together and there is no better way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Better Homes & Gardens

Now the latest edition of Better Homes & Gardens has a fabulous recipe that is a breakfast recipe but that is also perfect as a Breakfast for Dinner option too. It looks absolutely delicious and it is different than anything I have tried….. Breakfast Fried Rice. The recipe provides a list of ingredients but they do tell you to use whatever veggies you have in your fridge which is why I love these recipes… many of the ingredients you have on hand and when you do not, you can also substitute until your hearts content.

better homes and gardens

The latest edition of Better Homes & Garden is packed with many other recipes too and every edition comes with lots of recipes. Octobers edition has delicious fall desserts like a Pumpkin Spice Latte Bundt Cake recipe that looks divine plus a super delicious line of recipes from Mely Martinez as she shares her Mexican Specialties… which I am for sure making! Think Enchiladas Suizas, Bajas Fish Tacos and more.

So what do you think of the Magazine.Store and their fabulous line of magazines that you can subscribe to and receive straight to your mailbox? Are you a fan of Better Homes & Garden, Southern Living, and/or Martha Stewart Living? Keep in mind that they carry other popular titles like All Recipes, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Parents, Health, Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself, People & More! PLUS right now you can save 30%! Check out the Magazine.Store today and subscribe to your favorites!


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