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6 Creative Ways to Relieve Stress

What’s one of the best ways to relieve stress? We say, get creative and let all of your stresses pour out into a hobby!

No matter what type of creative hobby you choose, from knitting to photography to painting, pushing your worries through a fun-shaped hole can help you manage your unwanted and unnecessary anxiety. So start letting your creative juices flow!

Here’s 6 of the best, most fun stress-relieving activities you should try out next time you need your spirits raised! 

1. Paint Your Cares Away

Painting is for everyone. No, really it is. A lot of us assume only professionals should pick up a paintbrush, but anyone can paint a wonderful picture if they set their mind to it. And if you’re confused about where to start your painting journey, purchase yourself a paint by numbers set to master the basics first.

2. Dance Yourself Happy

Not only is carefree dancing a fantastic form of exercise that helps you keep fit and stay healthy, but it’s also a super energizing way of releasing all of your stresses. So put on your favorite dance music and just start moving. You can join a dance class or simply shut the door of your bedroom to groove like no one’s watching. We promise your mood will be instantly lifted.

3. Write All Your Worries Down

No one should bottle up their feelings. You’ll eventually burst in ways you don’t want to if you keep all of your negative emotions inside. So why not pick up a pen to write down your thoughts and feelings? You can start cathartically writing in a personal journal or you can try your hand at fictional writing. The choice is yours. Just let your imagination run wild.

4. Bake Some Goodies

There’s many different scientific formulas you need to follow in order for your baking recipe to work the way it’s supposed to. Setting your mind to baking takes skill and practice. So next time you feel stressed, put on your apron and put your mind to good use. Keeping your brain occupied will help you find some inner peace. Plus you’ll have a delicious sweet treat to reward yourself with too. 

5. Get Outside and Garden

It’s scientifically proven that gardening promotes a sense of happiness by increasing the levels of serotonin (a happy neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep) that your body produces. So get outside in the sunshine to breathe in some fresh air. It’ll work wonders in relieving the tension inside your body. 

6. Play a Soothing Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument is a brilliant form of stress management. It’s a way of refocusing all of your attention and negativity towards a more productive outlet. So whether you let your fingers flow on a piano or bash out your anger on a drum kit, expressing your creativity through music will help draw out your stresses in a positive way.

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