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Savvy DIY Tips ~ 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Ultimate Cozy Haven

5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Ultimate Cozy Haven

There is no better feeling than getting into bed at the end of a long day for 8 hours of blissful sleep. Your bedroom is your very own private space, where you can do whatever you want. Many of us only spend time in our bedrooms while we’re sleeping, so to entice you into spending more time in your bedroom, we have five ways for you to make it the ultimate cozy haven. You’ll never want to leave.

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Pick a Color Scheme

The first thing you should do to start getting your bedroom looking all cozy is to pick a color scheme. Pick a color that is light as this will make your bedroom look bigger. Lighter colors are also proven to be relaxing. Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, get to the shops and buy things for your bedroom so that they all match in color. Read this guide for essential items you need in your bedroom.

Hang Up Some Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the perfect way to create some mood lighting in your bedroom. Just hang them up around your dresser and turn them on at night for the ultimate cozy setting. Or you could think about getting some wall lights placed on either side of your bed, nice and cozy for when you want to read in bed at night!

Get Plenty of Cushions and Throws


When you’re sitting on your bed you’ll want plenty of cushions to make sure that you’re comfortable. Throws are also a must for the winter months to ensure that you’re all wrapped up and safe from the cold outside. Pick cushions and throws which match you’re bedding and color scheme and your bedroom will be well on the way to looking cozy.

Invest in Some Cozy Furniture

You’ll want somewhere to sit other than your bed and what furniture is more comfortable than a bean bag? Invest in a Yogibo bean bag for your bedroom so that you have the ultimate comfortable seating place for time spent reading a book or checking up on your social media. You might want a couple of places to sit so that you can invite your friends into your cozy haven.

Dedicate One of Your Walls to Your Favorite Pictures


Personalize your bedroom with a wall dedicated to your favorite pictures of family, friends and holidays. Then when you’re feeling a little lonely or down you’ll be able to refer to your wall for some brilliant memories to improve your mood. Printing images is easier than ever with websites like Snapfish offering great prices and speedy delivery.

Making your bedroom a cozy haven isn’t a difficult task and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once you’ve re-decorated your room you’ll find yourself longing to get home from work just so that you can spend time in it. Make sure you pick things for your bedroom that suit your personality so that it really is your own. Get some unique pieces as well that will impress visitors when you invite them in. Finally, enjoy spending time in your cozy bedroom, there’s nothing more relaxing.





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