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Something about Silverware

Silver, No. 47 chemical element, ranked third in the “Popular Youth Metals” list, is second only to platinum and gold. In folk stories, silverware often has many magical uses, such as the European people using it as a secret weapon in the war with vampires, while Chinese tradition believes that silver tableware and supplies can detoxify and even ward off evil.

The reason why silver is related to poison is that ancient people often use silver as a tool for testing poison. If the name jewelry getnamenecklace tableware cup turns black, it proves to be poisoned. Therefore, the ancestors who have not attended the middle school chemistry class think that silver has the opposite effect of “poison”. But now we know that the reason why the so-called silverware test is not because silver is very magical, but because our ancient poisoning technology is relatively rough, generally the poison is to use arsenic, and the purification process of the arsenic is too primitive. It is doped with sulfide. Therefore, silver reacts with  sulfur to form black silver sulfide. Therefore, silver can not be tested for “poison”, but only the impurities in the arsenic are detected. If the arsenic is processed better or purer or if a sulphur that does not contain sulfides is used, then the silver will not turn black.

But the world is really a coincidence. Although this ability of silver testing is overthrown by modern chemistry….silver still has a certain bactericidal ability. This bactericidal ability comes from the toxicity of silver ions to microorganisms, which can destroy the enzyme system in the cell membrane of pathogens such as bacteria and fungus. So before the discovery of antibiotics, the greatest invention in human history, silver began to be widely used in the field of antimicrobial disinfection. However, the effect of this does not need to be explained, it has a very good effect. In the era without antibiotics, there will not be so many people who die in wound infection. However, as the problem of abuse of antibiotics becomes more and more serious, and the American society collectively “returns to nature”, the “natural antibiotics” of silver have returned to the sight of the merchants. From the last period of the last century, various getnamenecklace silver birthstone rings began to emerge in an endless stream. Products such as colloidal silver, nano silver, and silver ion XX were first introduced in the US market, and then appeared in the Chinese market. It is a brand of antibacterial disinfection. For external use, because it is used less, it is less absorbed by the body, so the problem is not big. Although it can’t keep up with the antibacterial and antibacterial ability of antibiotics, in some studies, the dressings containing silver ions have also shown certain effects. Therefore, there are still quite a lot of such products on the market. But the internal service is bad. Although the toxicity of silver itself is not high, a large amount of long-term intake of silver leads to the accumulation of silver in the body, which may cause silver stagnation. The most obvious manifestation is that the human body is “discolored” and the skin is blue-gray….. becoming a realistic version of the Smurf.

On August, 1999, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA issued an injunction prohibiting the use of colloidal silver products to promote any medical treatment for treatment or prevention. In 2002, the Australian Drug Administration TGA also made a similar statement. At present, the medical circles in Europe and the United States are basically opposed to taking such silver products. However, because of the popularity of “anti-intellectualism” and the difficulty of Internet regulation, there are still a large number of related products sold on various websites that advocate long-lived and long-selling silver. A well-known case of silver stagnation, the American Paul Karason, who insisted on taking 14 years of colloidal silver. Returned to the opening question, and silverware certainly did not have the ability to disinfect. Even in the ancient times of traditional medicine “Fair and honest”, silver tableware was used to “test poison” rather than “antivirus.” Fortunately, from the safety point of view, the use of silver cutlery and oral cheap custom jewelry is still far away, not to cause any special damage to the baby (although smooth and heavy metal cutlery is not friendly to the baby).

Relatively speaking, it is more important to pay attention to the wearing of silverware for the baby of lower ages. The main points are as follows: 1. The risk of skin allergy to metals, especially for younger babies; 2. There are accessories hanging ornaments, if the baby bite off and swallow will have a choking risk; 3. For non-sterling silver ornaments, especially some silver jewelry with more impurities, there may be a risk of heavy metal exceeding the standard. More importantly, the child’s life does not require excessive disinfection, and there is no need for unreliable “detoxification”. If you don’t know this correctly, then in your daily life, you might dig out a pit that is much more serious than silverware gnn mothers rings.

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