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Snag Some Savvy Style Using Mid Century Modern Furniture Designs

Snag Some Savvy Style Using Mid Century Modern Furniture Designs

I am so excited that soon my family and I will be relocating and with that move, I am thinking of completely redesigning our living space all together, by simply adding in and replacing some existing pieces. I want to incorporate fresh new styles into our new home that will make our living environment fresh and new for us. I am so excited about this and have been leaning towards a particular style that I think I can incorporate with my existing pieces. I am truly in love with the Mid Century Modern Furniture Designs available out there today and I think it is the perfect style for us to use in order to create a “fusion” type style for our new home. I am not a huge fan of rooms that are too “matchy” as I love mixing different prints and styles to create my own unique look. There really is no right or wrong to this concept… just do what you want and add in the pieces that you love to refresh and renew.

Not only is mixing in some new furniture pieces a great way to refresh and renew our soon to be new living spaces…. but doing something as simple as adding a few fresh coats of color to some of the walls in order to create feature walls in the various spaces and rooms in our home is a great way to spruce up the look of the room overall. Also… I will be adding decorative accessories and other items such as fabulous candles and home fragrancing items that add a nice look and of course a layer of fragrance to any room. I also want to pick out some new rugs to use throughout the various rooms as we will have hardwood floors. Small throw rugs and large area rugs can really add pops of color as well as personality to any room via the various textures and fabrics used. This is the time where you can let your imagination run wild and pick a stylish carpet rug that complements the rest of your interior design. Places like this Topteppiche Deutschland company, have a wide variety of carpets to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that you love. This could be a great addition to your home as these are all great and savvy ways to revamp your homes overall look without breaking the bank.

There are so many gorgeous Mid Century furniture designs out there that make it so easy for me to actually visualize the look that I truly want. I will shop around for sure to find the best and savviest deals available at online furniture stores or local shops…. even thrift shops and yard sales. Sometimes…. I love to recreate old pieces of furniture… turning them from trash to treasure…. and then admiring and loving them each and every time I see them in my home. I can use what I already have and simply buy a few mid century design pieces to jazz up my homes overall look… making it fresh and new. I cannot wait to get to my new home and cannot wait to show you all the style that I go for when I get settled as the possibilities are endless!

So tell me….. do you have plans to update the style of your home? Are you looking for fabulous designs to update the style that you already have in your home or are you simply looking for additions to your design in order to update it? Leave some comment love today and tell me all about it!


  • gloria patterson

    I have no idea what my style is! When I moved into my apartment at the senior high rise I needed a change of style or maybe it was no style. So I picked up pictures, knick knacks in colors, that was 2 years ago. Well 2 months ago I got tired of all of that stuff……. I bought some bright bold canvas for my walls. I have to say just that change made a difference

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are some great ideas. I am not very good at decorating so I can use all the help I can get. Thank you so much

  • Dotty J Boucher

    This is some very pretty furniture here, Its really not my taste but for one of my daughters, she would love this kind of furniture,, I do love that coffee table though.

  • Margaret Appel

    Since our neighborhood is slowly being bought out by builders putting in big new homes, we are holding off on any new furniture purchases. With plans to move to the country, new furniture will have to wait until then. I love all your suggestions for improving the overall look of your home, and will be incorporating many of these into our new place whenever & wherever we end up. Thanks for the ideas!