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Amazing Coffee Made Easy & Delicious With DripJoy Coffee! @dripjoycoffee

It is no secret to anyone that I love my coffee….and that is why I was so excited to try out DripJoy Coffee. I was really thrilled to try out a new single serve coffee as it seems I can never have enough in my house. My friends use the service of Associated Coffee to get there caffeine fix and they love it! DripJoy has several delicious flavors and roasts to choose from so it was a hard choice for me in the beginning but in the end I chose the DripJoy Delightful Decaf for my husband as he likes to have a delicious decaf coffee on hand, and I chose the Dripjoy Colombian Cheer for myself which is a delicious medium roast that adds some pep to my step. These are compatible with all K-Cup® Coffee Brands and Keurig brewers including 2.0 cups. Now I want to tell you all about it!

So lets talk coffee. I love a good medium roast coffee and even a dark roast. My husband on the other hand prefers a light roast and even a good decaf. He has to watch his caffeine intake so DripJoy’s Delightful Decaf was the perfect choice for him. He actually really loved the delicious flavor that the DripJoy Decaf provided so I will definitely be ordering more for him soon as it can be hard to find a flavorful cup of Decaf Coffee for him and he was pleased with the results of the DripJoy Delightful Decaf. You receive 24 single serve cups in each box.

Let’s talk about the flavor profile of Delightful Decaf. This is a smooth flavor that is nicely balanced with a smooth sweetness and a tartness that calls to mind some of the best Central American blends available. You will not miss the caffeine in this one as the flavor is so delicious! It also has a spicy note which is a delightful tingle to the senses. The spicy notes round out a rich, aromatic flavor profile that is a perfect counter to the smooth front end of the flavor. Simply put…. this is the perfect cup of coffee for anyone that is looking for a delicious decaf. Not everyone wants or needs caffeine, so this is the perfect choice for them. You may even want a delicious decaf on hand for a get together with friends and/or family, as sometimes you have dessert and coffee in the evening and may not want to load yourself up with all of the caffeine late in the day. This is the perfect choice and no one will believe it is decaf as it is such a rich and delicious cup each and every time. This is for sure a must have going forward for my family.

The Colombian Cheer is a delicious medium roast that has a delicious profile as well and is my personal favorite. It has a blend of semi-sweet tones and a splash of cocoa that come together to create a deliciously clean, full-bodied flavor for this medium roast. There are hints of guava and a low acidity level that create a rich and incredibly smooth flavor. This delicious cup definitely will add some pep to your step. With refreshing flavors, a powerful aroma, and a higher caffeine level than some of DripJoy’s darker roasts…. every delicious cup of Colombian Cheer is sure to put an extra skip in your step and honestly…. I need it each and every day to get going and to keep going. I just love, love, love this blend. Delicious.

As you can see… DripJoy has all of your favorite flavors and roasts available so you need to stop by DripJoy to check them out for yourself and take a look around!


Also, I have to mention that DripJoy has an amazing subscription service as well. It is called the Genius Delivery™ Coffee Subscription Service and it is “Genius” for good reason. You can receive bi-monthly or monthly delivery options of your favorite blends… and your flavor choices can be changed at any time. This is the perfect way to ensure you always have your favorite cup of coffee available and all at a great price…shipped directly to your door! PLUS… you can receive a complimentary DripJoy brewer to maximize your joy. That’s a $189.99 value – free! Simply follow these steps to see your available options today.

Step 1
Tell them about your coffee drinking habits and their algorithm will build 3 plans for you to choose from.

Step 2
Choose the roast you want in your initial order, you can always change it to try new ones at anytime.

Step 3
Most coffee subscriptions include a complimentary DripJoy brewer to maximize your joy. That’s a $189.99 value – free!

Check This Service Out Today…. It Is Pretty Awesome Plus You Get This Amazing Brewer!

Deliciously Savvy received products from DripJoy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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