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Small Accents to Amplify Your Yard

Many homeowners believe that only large outdoor renovations can add value to their homes.  However, it is often small additional accents that really make your home shine.  Everything from lights, to landscaping, to decorations will give your home a fresh look while adding value to your home.  

Add Attractive House Numbers

            Most homeowners never think about their house numbers.  But changing out your house numbers and updating them to a more eye-catching style will not only make them more visible, it will also add an interesting accent to your front porch.  There are so many house number styles to choose from that you may feel a bit overwhelmed.  It is important to match the style of the new house numbers to the style of your home.  For instance, if you have a modern home, you probably don’t want to add Victorian-style numbers.  Instead, you should search for sleek metal numbers that continue, not contrast the style of your home.  Numbers can be displayed individually or as a plaque.  Just make sure to hang your numbers where they are easily seen.

Add Fresh Mulch

Of all of the curb appeal boosters that can amplify your yard, fresh mulch may be the most important.  Adding a fresh layer of mulch has a 536% return on investment for homeowners.  Freshly laid mulch around your landscaping beds designates the area and creates a clean elegant space around your home.  Freshly mulched landscaping beds also provide an area for you to add flowers, bushes, and statement accent pieces that will draw a lot of attention to your yard.  

Plant Flowers

            Brightly colored flowers always make for an attractive addition to your yard. You can add them to your existing flower beds or add them in planters or window boxes around your house and front porch. Keep your flower additions easy to maintain by choosing perennial flowers that don’t require much work and will survive even when you forget they are there.  Marigolds, petunias, and daisies are easy flowers that can be found at any grocery or home improvement store when spring arrives.  If you are thinking ahead and would like flowers that will sprout as soon as the spring arrives you can always plant fall bulbs.  Tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are your best bet.  These flowers will continue to come back year after year even without much care.  

Incorporate Yard Ornaments

            Yard ornaments are popular among homeowners because they allow a touch of personal style.  Yard ornaments come in a plethora of designs, colors, and sizes.  Everything from garden benches to brightly colored globes can be placed in landscaped areas around your home.  Small yard statues have become popular with homeowners over the years.  While there are literally thousands of statues to choose from, some of the most popular are animal statues, rock towers, and personalized garden signs.  While you may be excited by the many different types of yard ornaments, you’ll want to keep from going overboard. Too many yard ornaments will look congested.  Stick to one style and space out your ornaments so that they don’t take over your landscaping.  

Place Solar-Powered Spotlights

            With a fresh layer of mulch and some eyecatching yard ornaments along newly planted flowers, you’ll want to keep your yard shining bright even when the sun goes down.  Place solar-powered outdoor lights around your flower beds, along your driveway, and around your walkway.  You can also add hanging lanterns around your front porch or add a spotlight over your driveway.  Keeping plenty of small lights around your house will ensure a warm inviting glow throughout the evening and well into the night.  

            Adding small accents around your house is an inexpensive and enjoyable way for you to really make your front yard your own.  Choose pieces you love that will amplify your style while at the same time add value to your home. 

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