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Stay Hydrated Deliciously With Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs PLUS A Giveaway! #BhoomiHPP

Deliciously Savvy received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

With the New Year in full swing I am seriously focused on health and wellness for me and my family and one thing that is on the top of my list is staying properly hydrated as it is beneficial in so many wonderful ways. Water is great but I am looking for other alternatives that will hydrate me deliciously which is where Bhoomi Can Water Elixirs comes in. Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs are available in 3 delicious flavors and varieties and each has its own unique set of benefits. There is Immunity with Tumeric & Ashwagandha, Superfood with Moringa & Wheatgrass, and Recovery with Ginger & Amla and they are the first Certified Low-Glycemic, Paleo & Vegan cane water beverages in the U.S. & they taste amazing!


A bit about Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs ….Bhoomi means “Mother Earth,” and Bhoomi’s vision is to reconnect humanity to balanced health, equitable economies, and regenerative practices which is something that I love. They create the highest quality re-hydrating beverages from nourishing, cold pressed cane. Bhoomi extracts the hydrating water from cold-pressured cane stalks and infuse it with functional ingredients such as Tumeric, Ashwagandha, Moringa, Ginger and Amla to bring you this nutrient-rich delicious elixir that is refreshing and delicious. Rest assured too that Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs contain no added sugars, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and they are 100% vegan and made here in the USA.


Now let’s take a look at the different varieties of Bhoomi Cane Water Elixers & Their Ingredients & Benefits:

Immunity with Tumeric & Ashwagandha


This one is super yummy and I honestly like all varieties of the Bhoomi Cane Water. This one tastes delicious.

Packed with powerful phytonutrients, cold-pressed cane water has been enjoyed as an Ayurvedic Elixir for centuries. Bhoomi infuses this IMMUNITY+ elixir with cold-pressed Turmeric and lemon juice, Ashwagandha extract, and black pepper powder to support immunity and vitality. Turmeric is used in ancient Indian healing practices for digestive and holistic support and Bhoomi adds Black Pepper to this mighty medley to increase nutrient absorption. Ashwagandha is known as the king of herbs in Ayurveda. A thorough rejuvenator, it supports the body’s response to environmental, physical and emotional stress.

Superfood with Moringa & Wheatgrass


This one is just perfect and if I could have only one variety….this would be it. Super tasty and I will be picking up more.

In Superfood+, they infuse Moringa and Wheatgrass to aid the body in rejuvenation and balance. Moringa is considered a “miracle tree” that dates back thousands of years and is regarded as a mineralizing powerhouse. Wheatgrass is another superfood consisting of phytonutrients and it supports alkalizing benefits for the human body. Simply 5 ingredients from Mother Earth as mother nature intended!

Recovery with Ginger & Amla


This is another must have flavor…. all are amazing and the difference is simply the benefits that you receive with the added ingredients for each. This one is super yummy and almost tastes like a lime aid drink.

In Recovery+, Bhoomi infuses powerful antioxidant super herb Amla (Indian Gooseberry) with cold pressed cane water, ginger, and lime juice. Ginger is one of the most popular herbs known to support digestive health and is a natural source of nutrients. It also contains gingerol, a compound with antioxidant properties. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a powerful source of antioxidants and is known as an Ayurvedic wonder. As a great source of Vitamin C, Amla is also excellent for immune support.


Bhoomi is cold-pressured, never pasteurized. They use cold water at high pressure (HPP) to keep their cane water safe to consume while maintaining the fresh flavor and full nutritional power of their fresh cane water and functional ingredients. It’s available at select independent natural grocers nationwide, Gelsons in California and online at https://www.drinkbhoomi.com PLUS Bhoomi Cane Water hits the shelves at Whole Foods New York & New Jersey in summer 2020 so be on the lookout!


So what do you think of these delicious Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs? They’re truly the perfect way to stay hydrated all summer long as cane water is a traditional Indian Ayurvedic beverage, used for centuries for hydration and as a natural source of low-glycemic energy plus add to that the powerful phytonutrients, electrolytes, B vitamins and functional ingredients that each variety contains and you have a powerhouse of a drink that refreshes and revitalizes me after a hot summer day. Make sure you visit Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs online and check them out on Social Media PLUS continue reading to learn how you can enter to win 9 Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs to try plus a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Enter Today & Good Luck!

About HPP


HPP is cold pasteurization in pure water; it uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep food and beverages pathogen-free and to stay fresh longer. Food and beverages are subjected 87,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch –– the same amount of pressure as six times the deepest part of the ocean. At this very high pressure pathogens are destroyed, but food’s taste, texture and nutritional value is preserved.

About Avure /JBT Technologies

JBT/Avure is a leading global maker of HPP machines. JBT/Avure’s HPP food processing machines offer the highest output, lowest operating costs, and greatest reliability for food producers and manufacturers. JBT/Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural, flavorful food. More information is available at https://www.avure-hpp-foods.com/Avure Facebook @AvureHPP or Twitter @AvureHPP.

And Now To The Giveaway!

Want to win some of these delicious Bhoomi Cane Water Elixirs to try for yourself? Enter this fabulous giveaway today for your chance to win and good luck!


Giveaway Alert! To help you and your family stay healthy and hydrated, @JBTAvure is teaming up with @bhoomi_cane_water to host a Bhoomi Cane Water Giveaway!

About @bhoomi_cane_water

@bhoomi_cane_water is the maker of HPP’d cold pressed cane water elixirs.

*Bhoomi makes cold-pressed cane water elixirs with Ayurvedic super-botanicals in partnership with U.S. minority farmers. Bhoomi targets cold pressed sugarcane nostalgic customers who are looking for hydration and health benefits of Ayurveda.

*Bhoomi Cane Water is certified low-glycemic, vegan and paleo, packed with powerful phytonutrients, electrolytes, B vitamins and functional ingredients: turmeric, amla, ashwagandha & moringa.

*Bhoomi Cane Water is available at HEBs across Texas, select Whole Foods in New York & New Jersey, and independent natural grocers in Texas and Louisiana. https://www.drinkbhoomi.com/pages/store-locator-1.

*Bhoomi SRP is $3.00 to $3.99

Three Bhoomi flavors

• Immunity with Turmeric & Ashwagandha• Superfood with Moringa & Wheatgrass  • Recovery with Ginger & AmlaInstagram Giveaway Prize

We are giving away nine individual Bhoomi Cane Water elixirs and one $50 Amazon gift card!

To enter: 1. Follow @JBTAvure & @bhoomi_cane_water on Instagram and like this pix. 2. In comments, tag your entry #BhoomiHPP (1 tag = entry, unlimited entries).3. Bonus entry? Easy! Make a comment about why you are interested in trying @bhoomi_cane_water made with @JBTAvure HPP.Details:One winner will be chosen on March 31, 2022.The winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of Instagram entries.Winner must live in the lower 48 states of the United States.Good luck, everyone!


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