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Should You Insure Your Feline Friend? 5 Benefits of Cat Insurance

Are you shopping for cat insurance but unsure what the benefits are? Wondering if it’s even worth it at all? Cat insurance might seem like an unnecessary expenditure, especially if your feline friend tends to be healthy and free of any major health issues. But having cat insurance can help be prepared to make the best out of the worst situations. Whenever your cat has an emergency or develops a mysterious issue, you can rest assured that their care is going to be covered by your insurance provider and put less of a financial strain on you and your family. If you’re wondering what exactly the benefits of cat insurance are, you’ve ended up in the right place! Today, we’ll take a look at five of many more benefits from getting your feline friend’s health covered so you can both rest easy knowing your cat’s needs are met. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cat insurance! 

Emergencies Covered 

The first and most important benefit of getting cat insurance is for emergency coverage. This is usually the most basic plan you’ll find, and typically covers emergencies and accidents that of course we hope never happen, but certainly can. And when they do, you’ll be extremely grateful that you pulled the trigger on getting cat insurance for your feline friend. Let’s remember that we’re talking about cats who are famous for getting themselves into, well, tricky situations every now and then. With emergency cat insurance, you can let your cat live on the edge of their 9 lives as they were meant to! 

Multi Pet Discounts 

For those that have multiple pets, don’t fret! You’ll still need to get separate coverage for each animal, but most pet insurance providers offer a 10% discount for multiple pets insured by the same provider. This way you don’t need to choose which animals to get coverage for and which won’t be on the plan. If you’re looking at a provider that doesn’t offer multiple pet discounts, consider doing a bit more research and find a provider that does offer a discount for multiple animals. 

Major Illnesses 

The biggest fear we have of animal owners is that our animals will develop serious issues like cancer, respiratory infections or worms, all of which are costly illnesses to take care of and often force pet owners to make tough decisions about the quality of care their pet can receive. With cat insurance, your cat is covered in case they do develop one of these serious illnesses. No more choosing food over care for your animal, with cat insurance you can do it all! We recommend searching for a provider that covers exam fees to diagnose these issues. Many providers only cover the medications and actual care received, not the exams themselves. The best cat insurance provider should offer both, so do your research and make sure to ask about that detail! 

Chronic Illness 

Serious illnesses like cancer or respiratory infection can require ongoing care, and be considered a chronic illness. The best cat insurance providers will cover the ongoing care required for your cat to recover the best it can from any issues developed while covered by your provider. These illnesses can get expensive fast, especially when an illness becomes chronic and ongoing. Keep in mind that not all providers will offer this, only the ones with the most comprehensive coverage. 

Preventative Care 

The last thing on our list is the option for adding on something called preventative care. Preventative care covers anything that helps prevent your pet from getting sick. This could be preventative treatments, checkups or examinations to help your pet with their general wellness and support their health to keep them from developing serious and chronic issues. While this is usually not included in a standard care package, most providers offer a preventative care option as an add on that you can include in your coverage at any time. Preventative care is something that all cat owners should consider when getting cat insurance. Make sure your top providers are ones that have this option available! 

The benefits of cat insurance are many, it just depends on what you and your feline friend need! The best cat insurance providers will offer a range of services and coverage plans, including emergency and accident covers, preventative care options, and coverage for chronic issues that require continuous care. Buying insurance can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with cat insurance! Doing some quick online searches will reveal a handful of reliable pet insurance companies that come highly regarded by their customers. Cat insurance has never been more accessible and affordable that it is today, so do yourself and your feline friend a favor by getting them on a coverage plan today!

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