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Take Date Night To A Whole New Level With Trailblazing Love Date Night Boxes!

Do you and your significant other look for new ways to spend quality time together? Do you enjoy a good date night with your partner each week or as often as you can to stay connected? I find date night to be a wonderful thing for sure and the perfect way to keep that spark alive which is why I have been on the hunt for ways to do date night a little differently, to keep it fresh and new for the both of us and it’s the reason I did my research to find a new date night option. In comes Trailblazing Love and their wonderful Outdoor Date Night Boxes that provide you with everything you need to ensure the most amazing of date nights. Trailblazing Love’s mission is to inspire couples to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world together because they believe that shared adventures and unique experiences help to strengthen the bond between couples and create lasting memories. They have curated each of their outdoor date night boxes to encourage couples to embark on different outdoor adventures, to try new activities and ultimately to create memories that can be enjoyed and cherished forever. I love that and jumped at the chance to give one of Trailblazing Love’s date night boxes a try so that my husband and I could enjoy a date night unlike any we have before and Trailblazing Love did not disappoint. Let’s take a look at the box I received….the Starry-Eyed Box, which provides a romantic date night under the stars that any couple will love!

I received the Starry-Eyed Box from Trailblazing Love which is an all-in-one date night box for a romantic and memorable evening of stargazing. We love the outdoors, and love looking at the night sky when we are in Pennsylvania, so this outdoor date night box was perfection for the two of us. This fabulous date night box is carefully curated with high-quality items, including a star gazing pocket guide and a 7-layer S’mores dessert kit and depending on your date night budget….. Trailblazing Love’s Date Night Boxes are available in three different tiers to suit different budgets and preferences. The Starry-Eyed Box comes in an Essentials Box which provides you everything you need for the perfect date night under the stars, an Indulgence Box which has everything found in the Essentials box plus a pair of Astronomy Binoculars and a Dream Date Box which has everything found in the Essentials and Indulgence Boxes PLUS a Bluetooth Outdoor JBL Speaker.

I appreciate that Trailblazing Love specially curated the Starry-Eyed Dream Date Box so that it comes with everything you need for the ultimate date night under the stars. You get the fabulous Star Canvas Cross Body Bag which I totally love and it’s loaded with all of the goodies listed below. The Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker, the Astronomy Binoculars, Simply Stargazing Pocket Guide, Red Lens Flashlight, Cotton Weave Outdoor Blanket, Sparks Conversation Game, 6 Step Illustrated Instruction Card, Custom-Curated Spotify Playlist and the amazingly delicious 7 Layer S’mores Dessert with 2 Wooden Spoons. Everything is high quality and can be used again and again….with the exception of that delicious dessert that my husband and I devoured.

Starry-Eyed Dream Date Box Contains:

*Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker: We received a JBL Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker that is perfect for listening to the specially curated Spotify playlist that the date night box comes with via the QR code found on the instruction card. This little speaker packs a punch with some amazing sound and we love it.

*7×50 Astronomy Binoculars: the perfect binoculars for stargazing on your special outdoor date night adventure. These are really nice binoculars and I will be using them regularly for star gazing and bird and small animal watching as we are in the woods and there are critters all around!

*Simply Stargazing Pocket Guide: This guide shares the various constellations and even planets that you can see when stargazing at night and so much more. We will be using this guide more and more too as it was so much fun gazing up at the stars and exploring the night sky. We already plan on doing another Starry-Eyed Date Night soon.

*Red Lens Flashlight: This Red Lens Flashlight provides a red beam and it is the best light source for protecting a person’s night vision and reduces eye strain in low-level light situations. This is perfect for you to use when stargazing and I love that they thought to include it with the kit.

*7 Layer S’mores dessert: This is an incredibly decadent and delicious dessert that my husband and I truly enjoyed. Perfect for enjoying under the stars!

*Two spoons: Trailblazing Love thought of everything…including spins for you and yours to enjoy that yummy 7 Layer Store’s Dessert!

*Cotton weave outdoor blanket: This beautiful blanket is so comfy and soft and cuddly and made the perfect surface for my husband and I to lay on when stargazing at night! I will use this throw again and again as it is so soft and comfortable.

*Star Canvas cross body bag: This tote is what all of the Starry-Eyed Date Night Box items came in upon delivery. It was packaged beautifully and stuffed perfectly with all of the items to ensure the most amazing of date nights and I cannot wait to use this beautiful tote again and again. It is the perfect way to take your date night with you on the go too!

*Sparks Conversation Game: This card game was lots of fun and my husband and I played this until the night sky was dark enough to enjoy the stargazing of the night sky. We will play this one again and again and it is the perfect conversation starter game that made a fun start to date night!

*6 step illustrated instructions: Perfect made instruction card that provided step by step instructions to pull off the most amazing of date nights for your partner.

*Custom-curated Spotify playlist: This 100 song playlist was loaded with some of my favorites and some that I had never heard before BUT that I loved! My husband and I have been enjoying the playlist ever since and it was the perfect playlist for our wonderful Date Night Under the Stars!

We set up a tent when enjoying our Starry-Eyed Dream Date Box to make an entire night of our stargazing adventure. We added a few items to our date night set up too…some throw pillows, wine and a tray to sit our wine glasses and other items on while stargazing the night away. We played Sparks until it was dark enough outside to stargaze and it was a blast for sure and we want to recreate this wonderful date night again soon!

As you can see… my husband and I absolutely enjoyed the Starry-Eyed Dream Date Box as it was a fun time and one that we will never forget. It truly provided a date night experience like non other and we enjoyed every moment of it and slept outdoors in our tent after the stargazing festivities ended.

This Starry-Eyed Dream Date Box is truly the perfect addition for your next date night experience and it comes with everything you need to ensure a memorable and romantic evening of stargazing. I absolutely love the step by step instruction card that the Starry-Eyed Date Night Box comes with as it optimizes your special evening via step by step instructions PLUS a cool QR code that provides you with an expertly curated Spotify playlist featuring 100 songs to set the mood for the perfect evening!  It is a must have for any couple looking for a great date night experience unlike any they have enjoyed before and the items that Trailblazing Love uses in their boxes are high quality, meaning you can enjoy these items again and again and recreate this fun date night experience anytime that you choose!

So what do you think of the Starry-Eyed Die Night Box from Trailblazing Love?! Are you looking for a new Date Night experience with your partner and want it to be extra special?! Look no further than Trailblazing Love! They have so many different date night box experiences for you to choose from and they are coming out with new date night box options all of the time. I want to try their Coastal Connection Date Night Box or their Adventure Awaits Bucket List Box to name a few…. they all look really cool and guarantee a fabulous experience for you and yours and one that you will never forget! Check out Trailblazing Love online and via social media today!


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  • Jane Frith

    Really interesting idea! This is not something I would buy for myself and my husband, but would definitely buy as a present for a couple. It would make a really unusual and imaginative anniversary gift, or even an engagement present.

    • mcushing7

      Such a wonderful idea for an anniversary gift 😉 It is really cool and lots of wonderful goodies in the box! We enjoyed date night for sure and there are a few others I am loving and that I want to try at Trailblazing Love!

  • appetizersandentrees

    Trailblazing Love Date Night Boxes and I must say, the information is top-notch! It’s great to see how they take date night to a whole new level. I’m definitely inspired to try out these boxes and make my date nights extra special.

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      What a great idea for her to use! Love this and wish they had something like this the I was younger LOL! Check out all of their various boxes…. so many cool ones!

  • Whitney Stewart

    What an absolutely adorable idea! Nothing is more romantic to me then gazing up at the stars with someone you love! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  • LisaLisa

    Love this! One thing for sure we try and do a date night a lot during the summer months. I’m loving the gifts in the box and that JBL speaker is AWESOME!

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Tammy you will love this date night box from Trailblazing Love! They have a bunch of others and creating new ones all of the time…. check it out!

  • lavandamichelle

    Wow, thank you so much for introducing me to these trailblazing love date night boxes! They sound like such a fun and unique way to spice up date nights with my partner. I can’t wait to try them out and create special memories together.

  • appetizersandentrees

    I absolutely love the concept of taking date nights to a whole new level and exploring new adventures together. The boxes you’ve mentioned sound so exciting and unique, and I can’t wait to surprise my partner with one of them.

  • Beautiful Touches

    I love the idea of Trailblazing Love Date, date night boxes! It’s like a perfect night out packed all in to one place for you and all you and your partner have to do is enjoy it!

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Exactly….. so much fun and cannot wait to spend a night under the starts again soon! Just have to bring my own dessert 😉

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      IT was so much fun and I highly recommend it for an unforgettable date night!


    That sounds like such a lovely idea and cuts out all of the hard work too which is great. It’s good that they vary the options according to your budget. The one you got sounds is brilliant. I’d go for that one. Who doesn’t love a 7-layer S’mores dessert kit to enjoy whilst looking at stars with a loved one.

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Absolutely…. check then out as it was a blast and will be getting another!

  • Richelle Milar

    This is a really great and wonderful idea! This is perfect for couples I’m gonna check this out

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Make sure you do…. they have so many different outdoor date night boxes to choose from!

  • Rose Ann Sales

    Such a really perfect anniversary gift idea! This is perfect for my friends anniversary

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      IT was a lot of fun for sure and we have hung out another time since to star gaze and we had the solo stove going 😉 So much fun and all of the items were really nice and cn be used anytime I want 😉 LOVE the binoculars as I love the outdoors and there is lots to see in The Poconos 😉

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      The different things that were suggested via the card made it fun and a little adventurous BUT you could prepare yourself and skip the card if your choose. You can do whatever you want with everything in the box if you choose to! Also you have to see the newest boxes they added for date night… much fun and unique and different!

  • Vidya Tiru

    this sounds like a great gift for couples and i will be looking for it for myself as well .. such a unique and cool concept

    • Managed WordPress Migration User

      Yes Christy! So much fun and they are adding new boxes all of the time 😉