Sexual Health Risks You May Encounter During This Pandemic

Sex and Sexual Health: The Benefits

As much as physical, mental, and emotional health is important, so is sexual health. More so, your sexual health can affect your mental and emotional health as much as your physical health affecting your sexual and mental health. All these components are interconnected. In becoming a well-rounded being, you must be in check with all of these and make necessary improvements to become holistically healthy.

            Sexual health is more than just diseases and dysfunctions. Although the mentioned plays a very crucial role, sexual health is the ability of a person to be open in embracing and enjoying one’s sexuality in their lives. Sexual health is how a person understands his or her sexuality and acknowledges its importance in life without limiting it to only sexual behaviors. Sexual rights must also be recognized and respected in developing our own sexual health. Moreover, the first step in understanding sexual health and managing or treating any sexual dysfunction. Having access to sexual health education, information, and care is a highly necessary component in sexual health. To make an effort in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and consult a doctor whenever needed does not only benefit you but also benefits your relationship. With the accessibility of STD testing and various convenient options, you can get the check up and prevent you and your relationship from the devastating condition. Being able to communicate about your sexuality and sexual health to your partner and to healthcare providers is an important indicator that your sexual health is in a good condition.

            One of the most important aspects of sexual health is the ability to experience intimacy, sexual pleasure, and satisfaction whenever desired. However, due to sexual dysfunctions and mental and emotional health issues that arise, this becomes complicated, difficult, and sometimes temporarily or permanently impossible, but worry not, as there are different kinds of treatments. You can go here to discover the latest solution in the Jes-Extender as you learn how to increase the length of your penis so that you can sexually please your partner.        

Sexual activities can benefit different aspects of your life such as: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and psychological. Other benefits include:


*Lower your blood pressure

*Burn calories for you

*Improve your cardiovascular health and prevent heart diseases that may be an underlying problem for an erection

*Develop and strengthen your muscles

*Can make you glow and look younger due to estrogen release in sex

Psychological and Social

*Increases your satisfaction with your mental health

*Increases the intimacy, love, and trust in your relationships

*Improves your ability to identify, look through, and express emotions

*Lessens your use of the mental process of reducing distress from emotional conflicts and your immature psychological and emotional defense mechanism

*Can sharpen your memory as you get older

*Can help you become more intimate and have more connection with your partner as an increased relationship satisfaction is induced.

            For men, research shows that sex reduces the risk of having prostate cancer. A study conducted revealed that men who had 4.7 to 7 ejaculations a week compared to those who had 2.3 times or less are less probability of having a prostate cancer diagnosis. Additionally, the health and quality of your sperm increases as your sexual activity becomes more frequent. You can learn all about these from Numan.

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