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Six Luxurious Gifts for Diehard Sports Fans

Six Luxurious Gifts for Diehard Sports Fans

Buying gifts for someone who loves sports should be easy, right? You just buy them something with their favorite team’s logo on it and be done with it. It’s not so easy when you’re dealing with a true sports fanatic, because they already own every jersey (and mug, flag, towel, bed sheet set, etc.) there is. When you want to get something truly special for that person who loves nothing more than their team, you have to dig deep. Here are six luxurious gifts for fans of every sport.

For the Hockey Fan: Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp

Every year, the Wayne Gretzky Foundation puts on the ultimate hockey fan experience – the Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp. This week long camp starts with participants and NHL alumni being divided into two evenly matched teams that will battle over the week to have their name etched on the Wayne Gretzky cup. The camp strives to replicate life in the NHL, from the trainers to practice to coaches to professional gear.

For the Baseball Fan: Baseball Stadium Blueprint

A baseball stadium is as much, if not more, a part of fans’ love for their team as the individual players are. For true baseball fans, sitting in their team’s ballpark feels like coming home, and placing a bet on sites like DraftKings can really add to that excitement. Your baseball fanatic will love to bring that feeling to their own house or office with a framed print of their favorite ballpark’s architectural blueprint.

For the Basketball Fan: NBA Draft Tickets

No matter what team you cheer for, every basketball fan sees the NBA draft as the promise of a brighter future and as a way of improving the fantasy basketball rankings of their chosen players. This is the night when teams pick their newest, most exciting players, which can’t help but spark optimism in even the most pessimistic fan. Delight your basketball fanatic with a trip to New York City and tickets for the next NBA draft, held every year in June at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Fans will get to witness the league’s new talent up close, with ESPN’s on-air personalities like Jalen Rose and Michael Wilbon narrating the night.

For the Soccer Fan: Soccer Goals

There is nothing a soccer fan wants to do more after watching a last-second game-winning goal than go shoot goals of their own. Give the gift of the game with a regulation-sized soccer goal post and net. The GOLME PRO Portable Soccer Goal is a full-sized portable goal that can turn any park or backyard into an instant soccer match. Looking for even more soccer related gifts? Why not treat the soccer fan in your life to their very own customized trophy. There are various types of football trophies online so do not be afraid to shop around to find the right one.

For the Football Fan: NFL Game Pass and Sunday Ticket

Football is one sport where the love of the sport (almost) outweighs the love of the team. With the NFL Game Pass, football fans can watch any game that has already aired (condensed into 45 minute games), going back to 2009. Combine a Game Pass subscription with the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows viewers to stream every game live, for the ultimate football fan gift.

For the Sports Fan on the Go: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

More and more, sports fans are ungluing themselves from the television and watching their games on the go with mobile devices. Give the best mobile viewing experience with the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. The S8 plus has an amazing 6.2″ QHD display on a unique infinity screen and a water resistant body, which will make it easy to take the game anywhere without sacrificing picture quality.

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