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Benefits of Choosing Finger Food Catering for your Event

If you are a Melbournian, you would already know that Chinatown has the best dumplings, Pizza in Preston, best wine at Windsor, hot noodles at Box Hill, and coffee everywhere around the corner. 

Out of all the Aussie cities, Melbourne is also the most innovative and experimental, especially with the hospitality industry. Catering is a significant part of Melbourne’s food scene. According to the Econtech report, it has a significant impact on the increase in the food industry’s minimum wage.  

Casual dining has started to become all the rage when it comes to catering. You cannot spell casual dining without finger food in it. Choosing a catering service that offers the best finger food Melbourne can offer brings in many advantages. Be it any event; people cannot say no to a savoury cucumber sandwich or sweet tarts.

Serving finger food for your guests gives them a unique experience. It is also a more convenient and affordable catering option. If you are still hesitant about it, here are some of the many advantages of choosing finger food for your event:

Wide Range Of Choices

If you choose a catering service that offers a finger food menu, you can usher in a wide variety of food items and dazzle your guests. Professional caterers in Melbourne will present you with different finger food varieties to choose from.

Melbourne is a hub for multicultural cuisine, and finger food menus will include delights from around the world. You will have the options to choose from appetizers to entrée items and pastries like cheese and olive sticks, the local favourite Donuts, chiko rolls, onion rings, burgers, Danishes, muffins, brownies. All you have to do is choose the items you would like to include.      


Be it a wedding or a corporate event; finger food catering is the most convenient than the traditional methods. From food preparations, presentations, serving, and cleaning up, it is more handy and trouble-free.

It Is More Economical

Budget plays an important role when it comes to planning an event. You can save up on your catering costs with finger food, as you won’t be providing full three-course meals for each guest. With the right finger food catering service in Melbourne, you can also present a delectable range of quality finger food for the same price as an average plated meal.

With a good set of waiters running around, finger food can still add a feel of sophistication to the event.

You Can Personalize The Menu

If you or any of your guests are lactose intolerant or cutting down gluten, or going vegan, you can choose to personalise the finger food menu. Many catering companies in Melbourne offer personalized finger food catering options.

If you have any special dietary requirements, you can check whether they can cater to them. Similarly, if the event is theme-based, you can also stick to a food theme that will match the event. Finger foods go well with these customisations than sit-down meals.

Just like how Melbourne is known for its eclectic food scene, you too have to drop the plates, stuff the cutlery, and be that casual Melbournian from time to time. Along with you, even your guests will feel that freedom from etiquette and long hours on the table if you choose finger food catering for your event. Avail of the services of the best finger food caterers in Melbourne to make your special event stand out.

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