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Seven Savvy Reasons to Take an Island Getaway

So you’ve realized that you deserve a break. You’re in need of some relaxation in someplace far away, to take some time for yourself to enjoy the pleasures of life. Island getaways are perhaps the most beautiful examples of nature magnificently arranged for the perfect getaway, and below are listed seven reasons why you should get booking your next trip as soon as possible.

1. It’s perfect for your peace of mind

Get away from all the big city noise and find a place of quietude and peace. There are so many stresses that will pass away, leaving you with the natural sound of waves, the beautiful music of nature. For a tranquil trip away, you could visit the Galapagos Islands via the Galapagos Legend and discover what it feels like to be at one with nature and experience real peace of mind. Making an island getaway will show you what it is like to relax and have a good time.

2. Crazy romantic

Can you imagine yourself walking on white sands blessed by silver waves? It’s an incredible location for romance, and that fantastic person you are longing to meet may be sharing the island with you. Of course, the same romance applies if you go with your partner. The atmosphere an island boasts is just incredibly romantic and excitingly isolated. If you’re looking for one of the most remarkable of island chains, find Galapagos tours to book a trip into the natural serenity of South American shores.

3. Unexpected fun activities

There are many kinds of fantastic activities you can find yourself enjoying on an island. It provides beach fun and watersports in all forms, and in the heart of the island are cozy buildings and music bars. You can enjoy viewing marine life, chill on a yacht, do some surfing, and explore the natural world all from the comfort of your own island. The possibilities are endless. Regardless of whether you love spending time on the water, or relaxing on a luxury yacht, there are options for everyone. To brush up on your watersports skills before you head to your own island, you may want to have a look at somewhere similar to Kite Control Portugal, as they offer the chance for people to take part in kitesurfing lessons in a water lagoon so that you can impress your loved ones with your knowledge and experience. And what could be better than doing this activity on an island?

4. Island bars are different

Good beach bars are hard to come by on the mainland, but the coziness you feel in an island beach bar will always make you feel at home. Once you return home, you’ll be longing for the laid-back vibes that such bars host. Enjoy excellent cocktails or have an elegant dinner of fresh seafood with a sunset view. The bars on an island are fun-makers that have no matches anywhere else in the world.

5. Amazing food

If you are a seafood lover, you are absolutely in for a treat. Many islands have their own specialty food, with ingredients you’ve never heard of making you an exquisite supper of fish and spices.

6. The marine life

If you like to find yourself immersed in marine life, an island is perfect for you, as the sea surrounds it from all sides! The variety of nature around most islands is just outstanding, not only in terms of the marine life but also on the island itself. If you are enthusiastic about conserving wildlife, you may find yourself a new quest there, and all the enjoyable activities that follow from such an endeavor.

7. Healthier environment

If you have been living in a big city, this one is for you: an island will give you a chance to breath healthier air and enjoy a healthier overall environment for as long as you’re there. Forget the fumes and the noise. You’re about to detox from the hectic nature of city life, adjusting your rhythms to that of the sea and the sun.

With so many reasons to visit an island, you should get booking your trip today!


  • Tamra Phelps

    Hey, no one has to twist my arm to convince me an island getaway would be amazing, lol. I’d love to be in that photo, lol.

  • MD Kennedy

    Another great reason: internet on some islands is sketchy at best! This means a forced break from email and social media – you never realize how relaxing this is until you experience it!

  • Debbie P

    I live in the Chicagoland area and boy would I love to go some place warm. Thanks for the article and the great information.

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