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Savvy Tips To Help Keep Your Workstation Organized & Decluttered

Savvy Tips To Help Keep Your Workstation Organized & Decluttered

This year has been full of positive changes for my family and I and one of my New Years resolutions for 2019 was to stay organized and tidy in every aspect of my life.  One area that I was focused on, as far as organizing and decluttering are concerned, was my workstation. I have always been good at keeping my home clean and decluttered but for some reason all of the rules just seem to go out the window when it comes to my workstation. This is why my  desk and work station were my top priority and after doing some research online I found the perfect article that was packed full of tips & tricks that helped me to organize and clean up my work station in no time.

Now I am actually enjoying my time at my work station rather than feeling stressed and overwhelmed and honestly…I will never let it go back to the mess that it was as my new organized and clutter free workstation is the reason I am more focused and driven than ever. It helps to keep me motivated as I look forward to working in my personal space which is nice. Let’s go over what I did…

1)Start With A Clean Slate: The first thing I did to my workstation was to thoroughly clean off the surface of my desk. I took everything off and did a thorough wipe down of my desk surface.

2)Sort & Purge: I sorted through all of the items that were on and in my desk and got rid of everything that I did not need or that I no longer needed. There was a lot more garbage and junk in my work station than I thought such as old paperwork and post it notes that I no longer needed, etc….

3)Reorganize & Revitalize: After I got rid of everything I did not need, which was a lot more than I anticipated, I reorganized my workstation and purchased some new, much needed supplies to refresh my workspace. I felt that it needed some newness and that is just what I did by picking up some items in bold, bright and fun colors that I knew would add the perfect “pops of color” to my space. I also added a new picture frame with a picture of my family and an adorable little succulent plant that just adds some life to my space.

4)Tidy Up Your Workstation Daily: This is the most important part to me… cleaning up my work station at the end of my day. This is crucial as it is so easy to think that you can just leave it for tomorrow but the problem with that is it can easily become a habit and before you know it your workstation will end up becoming a mess again… and you are back to square one. For me… taking the time to put everything back in its place and getting rid of anything I no longer need after a long day of work, is the perfect way to ensure that my workstation remains organized and clutter free at all times. It only takes me at most 5 to 10 minutes at the most to do this at the end of my day and it is so worth it!

So what do you think of my savvy tips to keep your work station organized and clutter free? Do you struggle as I have with a disorganized work space? Do you have additional tips that are not listed above that may help and if so would you share them with us all? I always love hearing from you and any additional tips to help me stay organized and clutter free are good by me… so please share as it can benefit us all! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this savvy post.


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