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My Savvy Review of the Yookidoo Gymotion® Robo Playland #Yookidoo

My Savvy Review of the Yookidoo Gymotion® Robo Playland

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I fell in love with Yookidoo and their Gymotion® Robo Playland upon watching the you tube video which shows this amazing play mat in action. This was the perfect item for Scarlett… our newest family member. She is using this now for her Tummy Time as well as lying on her back and stimulating her side to side eye movement and more. She loves it and let me tell you…. I love the bold primary colors which make this play mat perfect for young babies and catching their attention. She was scared of the mirror at first… but now it is her favorite piece. She honestly loves it all and she gets so excited when she is playing on it. She starts kicking and moving her little arms….. she just loves it and for good reason. Check out this You Tube Video which shows you the various stages of playtime with the Yookidoo Gymotion® Robo Playland.

Is this not the coolest thing you have seen? I just love the track that they use to play music as well as provide the motion which stimulates baby to interact and play with the different toys. This unit features dual music modes (“Rest” & “Play”) with 10 minutes of consecutive tunes and music, as well as a mute mode for quiet time play. The easy-attach track affixes to the straps on arches and the actual mat for multiplay positions. The robot figures and the mirror can attach easily to the battery operated buggy on the track to engage your babies curiosity and promote physical development which is so very important. The double sided “Tummy Time” pillow provides support for baby during their tummy time workout. I love love love the fact that the Gymotion Playland can be easily configured for 3 different stages of development….. so basically you will use this for quite some time. And I just love it as does Scarlett!

Check out the 3 stages of play available with the Yookidoo Gymotion® Robo Playland:

1. Lay & Play

2. Tummy & Play

3. Sit & Play

Here Are My personal Pics of This Adorable Baby Mat and Play Gym!

Check Out Yookidoo for yourself today! They have tons of cool items for your child’s playtime and development!


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  • Terri S

    This looks like a lot of fun. Many things to keep them occupied. I love the colors. Thank you for sharing.

  • Marie Moody

    Looks like the greatest babysitter in town to me. This will keep any baby busy for hours and hours and it definitely look safe and fun. Me wanna play too!!!!