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Tips to Foster Positive Thinking in Children

Having a positive mental attitude means you’re more willing to take on the world and ‘put yourself out there’. Being able to try something new and having confidence in yourself are important characteristics for success in life.

In fact, research shows that children who attend places like Croydon early learning center are more likely to bepositive and successful. You can help your child develop positive thinking no matter what age they are. 

Here are some things to try:

Embrace Feelings

It doesn’t matter if your child is happy, sad, or has any other emotion. You need to acknowledge their emotions. That means encouraging them to talk about their emotions and always responding positively. 

For example, if your child is angry then they need to tell you why they are angry. Most of the time this will actually dissolve the anger. You can then focus on finding solutions with your child, encouraging them to focus on what they can do, not what has been done.

Be Positive

You may be surprised at how much children copy and learn from you. You are their primary contact, especially in the early stages of their life. This is why most children mimic their parent’s behaviors and emotions. 

You need to consider your own outlook on life and make sure you are positive in everything you do. This will show them what is possible and help them to adopt the same attitude.


If your child does something then encourage them. It doesn’t actually matter f they’ve done it well or not. You want to encourage them to keep trying it or other new things.

Even if your child makes a mistake, simply explain the mistake and how they can rectify it. This will show them there is always a way forward, which is positivity in action.

Let Them Do Their Own Thing

Children are naturally curious and need to explore their surroundings and abilities; Providing they are operating within your general guidelines you should let them try different things and do it their own way.

This encourages independence, confidence, and positivity.

Talk To Them

In a world full of digital gadgetry it can sometimes be difficult to simply find the time to talk. Create a habit where they talk to you about their day. It could be straight after school or when you eat the evening meal. It’s what suits your schedule but make it a regular thing.

They should tell you about all the things they’ve been doing, positive and negative. Your job is to emphasize the positive events and how they have made their day good.

It will help them to realize that positivity does help in life.


As a parent you have a duty to teach your child the difference between right and wrong. This is something you can guide them with every time you talk about the day they’ve had. 

Once your child understands the difference they will be able to take a stand, confident that they are right to do so. This removes fear from the equation, encouraging them to do the right thing and be positive.

The great thing about instilling positivity is that you already do many of these things, all you need is a slightly more structured and consistent approach.


  • Edna Williams

    Having children who have a deep-rooted sense of self and of good morals is very important! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’m not a parent. I’m an aunt. I definitely agree with everything said in this post. Encouraging kids to be positive, to face life head on and try to find solutions, to feel they are capable, is so important to helping them become happy, successful adults.

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