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My Savvy Review of the Ozeri 10” Green Earth Frying Pan

My Savvy Review of the Ozeri 10” Green Earth Frying Pan

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I must say that I love my culinary tool collection and I can honestly always use a new fabulous non-stick frying pan, so that is why I was so excited to try the Ozeri 10” Green Earth Frying Pan. The biggest thing that I love about this pan is that it works so well. I love cooking eggs in the pan as I do not have to use as much butter or oil so it is a fabulous investment for anyone looking to eat healthier and to be able to cook delicious foods without all of the extra oils and fats. The eggs just slide right out of this pan… and my recent batches of scrambled eggs have been delicious and perfectly cooked each and every time. Cannot wait to make some omelets in this beauty.

Unlike other ceramic cookware brands, the Ozeri pan utilizes an ultra-safe ceramic coating inspired by nature which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. This pan seriously delivers an amazing non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures. This features a fabulous scratch-resistant 100% ceramic coating that is amazingly easy to clean. I especially love that I can use this on an induction cook top as well. It works so well and so far the surface after 2 weeks of continued use is still perfect and new. Definitely well made.

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  • Amber Ludwig

    Oooh Ive been looking for a healthy and safe new pan and this sounds like it really fits the build!! Do they have other pans as well??

    • mcushing7

      Yes, they have several pans to choose from! The link in the review for Ozeri products will bring you to their full listing of products available. This is a great pan for sure. 🙂

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This pan sounds great. I have been trying to eat healthier. This would be great for me. Thank you so much for sharing

  • monique s

    I love that this is a healthier pan. I always worry about the chemicals in the non stick coatings, so this is great.

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