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My Savvy Review of the Munchkin Clean Electric Sterilizer @Munchkin_Inc

My Savvy Review of the Munchkin Clean Electric Sterilizer @Munchkin_Inc

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I am loving this Clean Electric Sterilizer from Munchkin! It is just a life saver and really helps to ensure that all of our bottles for the day are sterilized and ready to go for the newest member of our family, Scarlett Jane! She is a few months old and so so precious. I was not sure that this was a real necessity but since having it and using it daily… it has become a must have for us to help with the baby bottle cleaning process as Scarlett is growing each and every day and she is always hungry… and that means lots of bottles to clean. This unit does a great job of ensuring that the bottles are sterilized and ready to go each and every time.

With the Clean™ Electric Sterilizer form Munchkin you get the amazing results of steam cleaning at its best. This unit is a large capacity baby bottle sterilizer with natural steam cleaning power. The premium ceramic heating plate warns quickly and is super easy to use and you will not have any mineral build up. I love the ease of the one-touch self cleaning mode for the most sanitary clean, each and every time. It is safe to use as it prevents steam burns with a heat resistant handle and tongs. The Munchkin Clean Electric Sterilizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria in only 6 minutes and does it all for you…. bottles, nipples, pacifiers and pumps. The unit itself holds up to 6 wide bottles or 9 standard bottles and feeding accessories at once. It helps to get the job done once a day instead of several cleanings all day long. It is a life saver and you will truly love having this to help ensure your babies bottles are clean and completely sterilized for the next feeding… each and every time.


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This makes a fabulous gift for any expecting mom and dad and they will truly appreciate the convenience that this unit provides. It is awesome! Check it out today for yourself…. and stay at ease knowing your babies bottles and nursing accessories are ready to go whenever you may need them.

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