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6 Ways To Remember Someone When They’re Gone

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Sadly, we all reach a point in life where someone close to us passes away. It’s never a nice thought, but this seems to be happening to a lot of families right now. I think it’s fair to say that the coronavirus lockdown has shown us how valuable life can be. It breaks my heart to know of all the families out there that are losing people from this virus. As such, I thought now was the ideal time to talk about what you can do when you lose someone close to your family. This doesn’t just have to relate to humans, it can also relate to your pets as well. 

For me, the most important thing is that you keep someone’s memory alive forever. This way, they never truly leave you. So, I want to focus on different ways you can remember someone when they’re gone. 

Keepsake jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to keep someone close to you at all times. There are lots of different items you can have created for this specific purpose. Many people will use keepsake jewelry as a memorial tribute because it’s very personal and unique. The most popular idea is a locket with the person you loves picture inside. It can have an inscription of their life, and you wear it around your neck wherever you go. This is a perfect idea if you want something intimate that carries another person’s memory with you at all times. 

It’s also common to get a fingerprint made from the person and use it as the design on a necklace or pendant. This would have to be planned out before they pass away, but it adds an extra personal touch to things. For me, keepsake jewelry is a lovely subtle reminder that the person you cared about is still with you in spirit. 


Of course, photos are the easiest way to remember someone when they’re no longer with us. Even something as simple as keeping an album on your phone full of old photos can help. It’s nice to look back at the fun times you had together. All the memories come flooding back as you see the photos and recount what happened on those days. Things are made even better if you have videos of them laughing and talking as well. With both of these things, you never forget what that person looked like or sounded like. Their memory will live with you forever. 

If you wanted to make this a more physical memory, then you can print out photos and create your own album dedicated to that person. I also really like the idea of having photos of them around your house. A picture of them in your living area or bedroom is a lovely touch. It’s almost like they’re still with the family, sharing all your new laughs and memories together. Plus, you will always look up from whatever you’re doing and smile as you see the photo. 

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Telling stories

Telling stories about someone who passed away is an incredible way to elongate their memory. It’s not just a way of remembering them, but it also helps you deal with your grief. Sometimes, speaking about someone is a great way to unlock emotions that you buried deep within yourself. This lets you release them and truly feel healed. As well as this, telling stories and recounting memories helps the next generation remember someone. If you have young kids, and their grandparent dies, they may grow up forgetting them. But, with stories of their grandparent and what they did, it ensures your child grows up remembering this very special person. 

Plus, stories are fun. It’s always good to sit back and reminisce about the old days. You can laugh, cry, and enjoy sharing stories with other people. In fact, the sad reality of life is that you never truly know someone until they die. Even if you are very close to someone, there will be others that knew a different part of them. Let’s say your parent dies, and you speak to people that used to work with them. All of a sudden you’re overwhelmed by unique stories that you’ve never heard of before. It shines a new light on the person you’ve lost and helps you remember them better. 

Talking about them

Now, this sounds like a carbon copy of the previous point. However, there’s a subtle difference in what I mean. Talking about someone is not the same as recounting stories of them. Instead, it’s as simple as dropping their name into conversations. For example, your child walks down the stairs wearing a red shirt. You tell them that that was their father’s (who passed away) favorite color. It’s a passing comment, but it instantly fills the room with memories of this person. From that point on, the red top will also take on more significance for your child. 

Bringing a loved one up in conversations ensures that nobody ever forgets them. It also serves as a reminder that they are still part of your life, even if they are no longer physically with you. 

Naming someone after them

This is a popular way of carrying on someone’s memories and legacy when they’ve died. It is most commonly used when you have children. Many people choose to name a child after a relative that has passed away. This is particularly the case if a child’s grandparent has died before they were born. Now, the child carries their name with them wherever they go. They become a walking memory of the person you lost, and it’s very special indeed. 

Fantasy-lovers will know that many books and stories talk about the power of a name. Giving someone the name of a loved one is a very powerful thing. Also, you might choose to hold onto a name to memorialize someone you’ve lost. An example of this is if you get married but choose to retain your family name. You were your parent’s only child, so the name will live on through you. It’s a constant reminder of them and their legacy. 

Set up a charity 

Lastly, this is an idea that I’m a big fan of. When someone dies, setting up a charity in their name is a lovely gesture. Many people do this if someone dies of a specific cause. For example, someone sadly passes away from breast cancer, so you want to set up a breast cancer charity in their name. It’s a way of helping people who are sharing the same experiences your loved one felt. You can’t bring back the person you care about, but you can help others in a similar situation. 

It’s such a beautiful gesture that ensures your loved one is remembered forever. At the same time, you’re doing an amazingly good deed to assist others. This charity will become your passion project, something you devote so much time to. Whenever you work on it, it will feel like your loved one is by your side. 

Sadly, when someone dies, memories are all you have left of them. It’s important to always remember the people who had an impact on your life. Some people may argue that doing this means you never let go of that person. I disagree. I think it’s the best way to move on by accepting that the person is no longer here, but that their memory lives on. If you’re going through a tough time right now, then I hope these ideas help you remember the person you’ve lost. 

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