My Savvy Review of Bun Belly Craft Cat Food by Meal Time Box! @mealtimebox

My Savvy Review of Bun Belly Craft Cat Food by Meal Time Box! @mealtimebox

Deliciously Savvy received this product line in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and for my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

It is not a secret to any of you that I am a huge fan of Meal Time Box and their delicious “ready to heat” meals…. so that is why I had to check out their new line of crafted cat food called Bun Belly. This will soon be available for dogs as well…. but in the meantime cat lovers take notice because this is a delicious and healthy product and service provided via Meal Time Box for your favorite feline. Shadow the cat LOVES it and so will yours. Shadow eats half a jar a day in conjunction with his traditional crunchy food and as I was worried that he would not eat it…. because he only likes hard, crunchy foods….. he actually dove in and loved every bite of Bun Belly. That is a true testament for sure and I will make sure to treat Shadow to Bun Belly on the norm because he loves it so much.

1 Full Size Jar of Bun Belly ~ Look At That Broth! Cats love it.

Your Bun Belly order will come with 12 ~ 8 ounce Mason jars. The Mason jars are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and as I only use 1/2 of a jar each day…. I save the unused portion in the fridge. Bun Belly Cat Food is Meal Time Boxes first product made with surplus human food. They inspect, select, and obtain unsold meats from grocery stores and wholesalers. Being sourced from the human food supply chain ensures that the meats are a much higher quality than the typical animal ingredients that end up in commercial pet foods. There are absolutely no empty calories from grains and fillers in Bun Belly. PLUS…. they do not use chicken by-product meal, which comes from rendered by products of chicken processing. I seriously suggest that you try Bun Belly today and treat your furry feline to real, healthy food.

Check out Bun Belly For Your Favorite Feline Today!

40% Off During Soft Launch. Limited Production. Shipping Today. Perfect Time To Give It A Try!


Cat food made from people-grade proteins, using whole meats selected by Meal Time Box and ground in house. Grain-free, no fillers, and nutrient-dense. It’s the healthiest pet food for your BFFs! Coming soon for 🐶 too


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  • Jay Jackson

    Thanks for the review and contest. This is a great idea for cats. They seem to have more things for dogs and it is good to see this.

  • Mary

    Of course that one went through. I had said I love that this is simple nutritious food. I need something new for my cat. I keep trying him on new brands. He gets sick immediately with many and a few work for 2-3 days. I need something permanent for him. He woke me up throwing up again this morning. That was after doing the same with my husband shortly before. If this is the real deal, we’d love to try it.

  • marthalynn

    This is so great! It looks good enough for a human to eat! I’m sure the kitten would lap up every drop of that broth, too. I really appreciate that they use surplus human food to make this instead of needlessly wasting it.

    • mcushing7

      Me too! It is huge…. there is no need for all of the waste and they are definitely eating better than what you find in those traditional wet cat foods. My cat loves it and I have to admit it smells really good when I serve it to him 🙂

  • Auntiepatch

    I’m always on the purrowl for a cat food my three brats, er cats, will eat! I usually can get 2 of the 3 to eat something, but they won’t eat it again. Makes it really hard to shop for them!

  • Mary

    This is definitely different in the way it is packaged. Hopefully for my sensitive cat it will be a good pick that he can keep down as opposed to most.

  • Mary

    I love that it is grain free, filler free, and nutrient dense. This sounds like what I am looking for so my cat can keep down his food. He and I are tired of him throwing up every time he eats his canned food, no matter what kind. Can’t wait till I find the one that actually works for him!

  • Stefanie Hurtado

    My cat only eats wet food so I’d love to try him on this! Great that they use human grade food!

  • desiree

    my cat would love to have this she demands the cat food and if ii dont get it right way she sit there and bitch at me and then i show you how she like it

  • renee

    Your cat is lovely. I love that this food comes in resealable and reusable jars! My cats would love all of that broth!

  • Auntiepatch

    I couldn’t find a comment form on your furbabies! They are a couple of cuties! You, and they, are very lucky to have found each other.

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