My Savvy Recipe ~ American Macaroni Salad

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American Macaroni Salad

macaronisalad This is a nice size recipe for a party or honestly whenever I make this recipe because it is even better after a day or two! We eat it with hot dogs and burgers or sandwiches. This is the Mac salad you want at every barbecue or outdoor event!


4 cups dry elbow macaroni, cooked, rinsed and drained.

1/2 cup diced celery

1/3 cup minced red onion, soaked in cold water for 5 minutes and drained.

3 tablespoons minced flat-leaf parsley

1 cup diced red tomato (preferably Romas)

1/2 cup of diced green pepper (you can use red, orange or yellow too)

1 1/2 cups mayonnaise

2 and a 1/4 teaspoons dry mustard

4 and a half teaspoons sugar

4 and a half teaspoons apple cider vinegar

9 tablespoons sour cream

1 and a 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

freshly ground pepper


In a large bowl combine the macaroni, celery, onion, parsley and tomato. In a medium size bowl whisk together the mayonnaise, dry mustard, sugar vinegar, sour cream and salt. Pour the dressing over the salad in the larger bowl. mix well. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Store in the fridge covered for 2 hours before serving…. and lasts 3 days in the fridge once made.

****Sometimes I will chop 3 boiled eggs to add to the salad for more of a lunch or meal BUT you can tweek it however you like! Add carrots and any other veggies you want. The secret is the dressing…. the apple cider vinegar adds a delicious zing and mixed with the sugar in the dressing it is perfect. I use Hellman’s for all recipes including mayonnaise because it just states the best to me.****

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34 Replies to “My Savvy Recipe ~ American Macaroni Salad”

  1. Corey Olomon says:

    Looks delicious!

  2. I like the colorful additions to this recipe. I like using apple cider vinegar.

    1. mcushing7 says:

      The Apple Cider really makes this macaroni salad delicious! I was unsure the very first time I made it…. but then… I was hooked. I love Apple Cider Vinegar! It has such a zing and is delicious in this 🙂 Make sure to chill it for at least and hour…. it really brightens the flavors 🙂

  3. Jerry Marquardt says:

    This looks so good, I am making your special recipe tomorrow. Thanks for the great and delicious instructions.

  4. I love macaroni salad, I’ve never used dry mustard before, does it taste just like mustard?

    1. mcushing7 says:

      It is really unnoticeable honestly…. and just adds that zing you need in the macaroni salad. I promise you will love it…. everyone in my family loves it and there are some picky eaters here 🙂 I sometimes add extra things….. you can really tweek the added veggies and such to your liking but make sure you add everything else…. it is delicious!

  5. AAAhhhh…Macaroni Salad! I remember every holiday when I was a child, eating at the my grandmother’s house for holidays. Every meal on those special days, she had macaroni salad. I haven’t eaten it in 20 years or so, but I think it is time Macarconi Salad!

  6. Edna Williams says:

    Looks colorful! This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sara Theissen says:

    I will most definitely be adding the boiled eggs! Yum!

  8. This looks great! It might sound silly, but I often wonder where people find those perfect potluck/picnic dishes. And I think I’ve just found one! Thank you <3

  9. ellen beck says:

    I love macaroni salad. I have always used Miracle Whip rather then mayo. I dont know if thats a regional thing, or just taste. I like making something like this for picnics. So good.

  10. This makes my mouth water it is so delicious looking. I will have to make next weekend for our weekend outing.

  11. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    Wow that is a great sounding Macaroni salad. I make mine a little simpler but will try yours.

  12. Kelly Nicholson says:

    love macaroni,love pasta salad..i can put this one to use thanks

  13. James Robert says:

    Really looks like a great salad and I like there is tomatoes in this one too

  14. kathy downey says:

    This looks so delicious will be trying it next BBQ,Thanks for sharing and have a safe weekend !!

  15. vickie couturier says:

    id love to make this,it looks really good

  16. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    My mother loves pasta salad so this is one to share with her.

  17. This looks so good I copied the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Nancy Burgess says:

    This looks o good and we love macaroni salad.I will try this recipe.

  19. I love any kind of pasta salad! It’s especially great to have during summer parties and barbecues! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  20. Alejandra Carreno says:

    I love macaroni salad! Always Yummier when home made-can’t wait to try your recipe 🙂

  21. Kathy Davis says:

    Yum! I’m pinning it to try this weekend. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  22. Jerry Marquardt says:

    These recipes really lookso good. I would like to make these over the coming weekend.

  23. This recipe would be great for my next potluck picnic since it’s so pretty and festive looking with the veggies.

  24. Amber Ludwig says:

    Mmm!! One of my favorites at a BBQ!! Maybe next time I’ll have to make it!!! 🙂 Sounds fabulous!

  25. Julie Waldron says:

    This sounds delicious & would be great for a summer barbecue.

  26. This looks so good. Perfect for bar b ques.

  27. Preeya Bhinda says:

    This looks perfect and doesn’t look like it takes hours to do! Thanks 🙂

  28. michele soyer says:

    I love macaroni salad and always looking for a new recipe.. This one I will try….

  29. Macaroni salad is my down fall. I could eat pounds of it. This recipe looks wonderful.

  30. i love home made produts and then i love to be able to make it my self

  31. This looks so good and would go perfect with a Bar B Que. Or anthing grilled out.

  32. Francine Anchondo says:

    This looks great .

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