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The Most Common Health Problems That Affect Dogs

Every pet owner wants to keep their dog as healthy as it possibly can be. To do that, you need to be fully aware of all the problems that your dog can face. There are some diseases and health problems that are more common than others in dogs. And the risk factors and commonality can change depending on what breed of dog you own. It is worth knowing about and understanding some of the most common types of health problems. When you understand them, you can tackle them or be on the lookout for them in case they do affect your own dog.

Some of the problems won’t be very relevant to your breed of dog. So, it’s important to do some extra research into the most common problems that typically affect your dog’s breed. This could include hip displacement and pain. It may be worth having a read of some tips from somewhere like Top Dog Vitamins to see if any of them will support you in helping your dog. You can do that before or after you’ve read through these eight health problems that most commonly affect dogs.

Dog Obesity

Dogs are just as susceptible to obesity as adults. This is something that you will have to understand if you are going to keep your dog healthy. Luckily, this is something that is completely avoidable. To ensure that your dog doesn’t end up suffering from obesity, you need to consider its exercise and food. If you don’t take your dog for walks regularly enough, then they will gain weight. Dogs need to be kept active in order to be kept healthy. And you might want to opt for a healthier dog food if there is too much fat and salt in the one you currently buy.


Dog giardia is caused by parasites that enter your dog’s body. They can get into their system through various different means. The parasite lives in the intestines. There might not be any symptoms for a long time, but the parasites will be feeding off the dog and robbing it of nutrients. As the problem develops and gets worse, this will cause the dog to become very ill. If you do have concerns and notice a lack of energy or weight loss, this could be a reason. It’s a problem that can be treated, so you simply need to take your dog to its vet to get the problem diagnosed and fixed.

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Worms is a very common problem that dogs can be affected by. There are many symptoms of it, including a lack of energy, swollen stomach and diarrhea. Dogs act as ideal hosts for worms, so they are very commonly affected by the problem. As soon as the problem is noticed, it can be treated though. Deworming medications can be found easily enough, and they should sort out the problem pretty quickly. The sooner the problem is found and treated, the better it is for the dog’s health though. So, don’t leave it untreated for any longer than it needs to be.


Like humans, dogs can suffer a wide array of allergies. This is why it can be very hard to spot the problem when it arises. You have to look out for any changes in the way they behave. Think about whether you have started giving them a new kind of food because this could be the source of the problem. Food items are not the only things that can cause allergies in dogs though. Allergic reactions to fleas and ticks can cause big problems too. Even some materials or plants can cause allergic reactions. There are certain shampoos that can be used to treat particular allergies. You may also want to look at an allergy test for dogs to rule out anything you may be suspicious of, or confirm it.


As a dog grows older, the list of health problems that can affect it grows larger. One of the things that has the biggest impact on aging dogs is arthritis. If your dog is slowing down and moving around less, this might not be simply down to old age. It might be because arthritis is starting to make it difficult for them to do so. It’s not a pleasant condition for your dog. Improving your dog’s general health and nutrition can help you to battle arthritis. If you keep them healthy throughout their life, then these problems should become less likely. Keep them active, and give them nutritious foods.


Diabetes in dogs is the same as in humans. It is a chronic health condition, meaning that it can’t be completely cured. But with the right treatment and medication, it can be managed in a sustainable and healthy way. The symptoms of diabetes include a change in eating habits, excessive thirst and weight loss. When a diagnosis is given, the dog might be provided with pills, or you might have to give the dog an insulin injection a couple of times a day. It’s an extra hassle for you, but it will keep your dog as healthy as they can be when they have diabetes.

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Some dogs are prone to conditions like intervertebral disk disease. This affects the spine and can cause severe pain for the dog. It occurs when the cushions between the vertebrae make contact with the spinal cord. It’s usually necessary for this problem to be treated with an operation. But if an operation is needed and goes well, the dog can make a full recovery. Left untreated, this kind of problem can cause extreme problems like paralysis. Spine conditions are always serious, and they can’t be ignored. But they don’t have to mean a death sentence for your dog. Treatments are better than ever before.

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When your dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed, it causes many problems and is known as pancreatitis. It can occur for many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to do with a dog’s poor health and obesity. Other times, it can be something that happens in the aftermath of an infection. And occasionally, it just comes from nowhere, and there is no particular reason for it happening. It tends to be more common in smaller breeds of dog. If your dog has this problem, they might get a fever, feel abdominal pain or experience vomiting and dehydration. It’s vital to get a vet’s advice quickly if your dog has any of these symptoms.



  • Cathy Jarolin

    Thankyou for sharing with us the most common Health problems for our Fur Babies. Our 2 are just like Family! They show so much Love and Devotion all the times! Love our Boys! 🙂 Many Dogs also come up with Yeast infections in their ears! Our Pug Boy has that problem and I have to keep on top of it all the time. I have medicated Ear Drops from the Vet for him and when it Flares up I put them in his ears until it clears up! It is important to take your Dogs for their checkups and take care of any health problems right away! It will save your Dog and You any unnecessary stress. Thank you again!! 🙂

  • Sue E

    I have heard of most of these problems & kept a close eye out for them with my dogs. When I seen or the vet noticed and informed me of this, I immediately put them on weight control food. I am a Diabetic & do not want to see my dogs go through this!!
    I do at times, forget about the allergies aspect, but not on purpose!! I love my furry friends! ❤️

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