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Running: Why Do You Keep Stumbling On The Road To Fitness?

As a running enthusiast, achieving consistent results and faster run times is the ongoing target. Unfortunately, the road to success isn’t always smooth. Most runners will encounter hurdles along the way, irrespective of their experience or fitness levels. Knowing how to overcome them will be the key to sustained rewards.

While the obstacles can come from many sources, some are more common than others. Here are some that you need to appreciate, along with the best ways to overcome them.


No progress will be made while you’re on the injury table. As such, keeping injuries to a minimum and responding quickly to known issues should be a priority. For beginners, it’s vital that you avoid overdoing it. Only increase your weekly mileage by 10% at a time.

All runners must pay attention to the body parts that are put under stress during running sessions. Building your ankle mobility, for example, can go a long way to keeping you steady on your feet. Furthermore, it may translate to faster run times.

Injuries aren’t only harsh on the body. They take a toll on your mind too. When they do occur, be kind to yourself and allow for the right amount of recovery time.


If you’re a serious runner, you will already know about the benefits of other exercises like strength training. Likewise, you should know that nutrition is vital for fueling workouts and aiding recovery. Still, there’s a strong chance that it is an area where you’re going wrong.

While you need energy to run, overfilling your stomach can harm speed and stamina. More commonly, though, people take on too much liquid during their runs. Correcting this issue is a major step to unlocking your potential. You can notice a change from the first run,

When planning to take on longer runs, like a half marathon or longer, food is key. Practice eating glucose-rich candies or sports gels. 

Poor Clothing Choices

Wearing the right attire when running isn’t only important for looking and feeling the part. It can actively aid performance levels and help reduce the threat of injuries and/or discomfort. For starters, baselayer clothing that fits is vital.

You should also take the time to research the best running spikes for the track and trainers for the road too. They will cover a lot of miles over the months to come and will influence your comfort, speed, and stability. It’s the most significant item by far.

Besides, having the right attire can keep you motivated and introduce a little guilt to help you stay consistent.

Not Tracking Your Progress

Finally, you cannot expect to reach your destination in the quickest time if you don’t plot the journey. No matter what stage of the running journey you are at, accountability will be key. Tracking every step of your progress is the only way to make calculated choices. 

Choosing the best apps and fitness tracking tools will make life a lot easier. You will quickly identify the best times to run and which daily habits are helping or harming your times. If running really matters to you, you’ll soon implement any necessary changes.

Moreover, there is no greater motivational tool than seeing your progress. It will spur you on to keep getting better. You’ve got this – one step at a time.

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