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10 Ways To Pass The Time When You’re Bored & Stuck At Home

Hanging out at home is one of my favorite things to do. We just bought a new home and I just love being here and spending time in our new space as we have made it cozy, warm and inviting. It is the perfect space to unwind after a busy long week of work and even though relaxing is a wonderful thing…. you can sometimes feel bored, especially when home alone. If you also happen to live in the NorthEast like I do and winter being right around the corner, you may also feel stuck at home as well due to the brutally cold weather outdoors. Keep in mind there are many ways to help pass the time when at home like cleaning the house, cooking and creating yummy recipes, watching your favorite movie, sitting down to play games for real money on your laptop or phone, and so much more. Below I have created the perfect list of 10 ways to effectively pass the time while at home when you are bored and stuck in the house.

1) Play Online Games Like Solitaire

Passing the Time playing Solitaire

My sister and I have been playing Solitaire for years…. honestly since computers first were introduced into our home in the 90’s as it was our favorite online game to play. It is a fun and challenging way to pass the time and it can be quite addictive too once you get good at it. There are hundreds of unique types of Solitaire, and hands down my favorite type and the most popular here in the states would be Klondike Solitaire or more commonly known as Classic Solitaire. Solitaire has been around for centuries and it emerged in the 1700’s in Northern Europe so this game has been around for quite sometime. This game can be challenging until you get the hang of it… and here is a video which explains how to play the game perfectly.

My go-to for playing Solitaire anytime I have some time to pass…is You can play the Classic Solitaire game for free on their site and not only do they have Classic Solitaire but they have so much more… you can play Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Tripeaks, Golf & More. The way that you play is a bit different for each type of Solitaire game but it keeps it challenging which I love and there are tons of versions of the game to keep you challenged for quite sometime.

If Solitaire is not you favorite game to play online, provides many other types of online card games to play as well. You can play 5 Stack Blackjack, Classic Gin Rummy which is another of my absolute favorite games tom play online, Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Vegas Poker and more. They are my go to for my online card game needs and I highly recommend you check them out if you are looking for the perfect way to pass the time when you are bored and stuck at home. They include instructions on how to play each game as well and these online games also keep your mind sharp which is another reason I absolutely love playing Solitaire and many of the other online card games that this platform provides. There are literally hundreds of games on their platform to choose from so there is truly the perfect game for everyone.

2) Read A Book

Passing the time ~ Reading a book

Do you enjoy reading a good book like me? Reading is the perfect way to pass the time as you can get wrapped up into a good book and before you know it hours have passed. If you are not a reader…. then it may be time to give reading a try as the trick can simply be that you need to find a book that interests you. If you are home alone, the wether is yucky outside or if you are simply bored…. grab a book and get to reading. Reading a book is all the perfect way to help if you are having trouble getting to sleep too. Simply grab a book that is of no interest to you whatsoever and you will be drifting off to sleep in now time.

3) Binge Watch a New Show

Passing the time ~ Binge Watching TV Shows

This for me is the absolute easiest way to pass the time…. binge watching a new favorite show or even reliving some old classics. This is all possible through so many of the amazing streaming channels that we all have the pleasure of using… like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc… You can try binge watching Friends from the beginning or Game of Thrones on HBO Max. If you’re looking for something interesting, then you can watch Grey’s Anatomy or a new series on Netflix…. Ozark which is one of my new favorites. No matter what you choose if you are looking to pass a few hours… watching a TV series is the perfect way to do just that and it is a fun way to pass the time too. Pop a big bowl of popcorn or prepare some yummy snacks like a frozen pizza or a plate of nachos. If you don’t feel like making anything and you just want to catch up on your favorite show or a new one… then order in a pizza and have it delivered straight to your door.

4) Reorganize A Room

Passing the Time ~ Organizing A Room

Another way to pass the time when stuck at home is to pick a room in your home to clean and reorganize. You ca start with your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom…. whatever you want. This is a boredom buster for sure and in the end you will feel good about your new organized and freshly cleaned space. There is something refreshing about a freshly cleaned and organized room and you may send hours going though your things and deciding what to keep and what to donate during the process, and when you are done you will be blown away at how much time has passed plus you will feel good that you did something productive as well. It is also possible that you will find lost items that have been missing while organizing and cleaning your space and that is an added bonus.

5) Play Video Games

passing the time ~ playing video games

As I mentioned above, playing online games like Solitaire is my favorite way to pass the time when I am stuck at home, but there is another option too. You can also play video games and enter a tournament online to play with others around the world which is pretty cool. My kids love this option and so doe s the big kid in my home…my husband. Playing with your X Box or Playstation at home will surely provide you with hours of entertainment and you can even invite some friends over to up your gaming fun.

If you do not happen to have a gaming console at home, you can use you smartphone and download various games that you can play and that will keep your entertained for hours as well. CandyCrush is on that I love and it is the perfect way to pass the time as when you play this addictive game… hours can pass by without you realizing it.

6) Get To Baking

ways to pass the time ~ baking

Baking is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I love being in the kitchen….cooking and baking so naturally this is a go to for me in terms of one of the perfect ways for me to pass the time. I love to pick a recipe that I have never tried before, or bake a cake from scratch. I love finding new to me recipes from sites like Chopnotch which is an Easy Dessert Recipes & Baking Blog packed with tons of yummy recipes to try. It is the perfect way to experiment and play with recipes that you can whip up and serve to your family. You can even bake a array of goodies…. starting with cookies, then maybe she brownies, a pie and even a homemade cake from scratch! Your family will love the way you spent your time and you will all be enjoying a yummy treat too.

7) Learn Something New

Passing the Time ~ Learning Something New

If you have lots of free time on your hand, you can use this time to be productive and to leaner something new. I am a blogger and influencer and I am always researching and looking for new ways to up my game. This can take up a lot of my time but it is so worth it as I am learning and learning is always a good thing.

If you have a lot of free time….use them to learn new things. You can watch tutorials online about baking, cooking, fixing things, applying makeup, and even about computer skills like Photoshop, graphic, design, video editing, and more. You can even take online courses from the comfort of your home to help broaden your spectrum of knowledge. Not only are you passing the time, but you are being productive and learning something new too. It’s a win win!

8) Exercise

pass the time ~ exercise

When you are home and bored you can use the time to exercise. You do not have to go to a gym to workout but rather you can use the free time to do some exercises like sit ups, push ups, ride your indoor bike if you have one and more. You do not have to have workout equipment in your home to effectively give your body a good workout as there are tons of videos that you can watch online or on your smart TV to give you a great workout. You can also perform simple yoga poses at home which is a great way to calm your mind and body at home too.

9) Work Outdoors & Garden

Pass the Time ~ Gardening

If you love working outdoors like I do, then tending to your yard and garden is the perfect boredom buster for you that will pass lots of time. You can prep your yard in the fall months for the winter season…. like cleaning out your gutters, raking up and disposing of all of the leaves, etc…and then in the Spring & Summer months you can plant your flowers, shrubs and even reseed your lawn. Of course you will have to tend to your lawn and garden via regular maintenance of watering, weeding and cleaning out your various flower and garden beds, mowing your lawn, etc.

Tending to your outdoor garden space is a commitment for sure but it is a rewarding one. Yes the process will help to take up some of your off time… which means you will not have time to be bored as you will be too busy caring for and up-keeping it. It is rewarding experience though as every time that you pull up to your home after work or a trip to the store… you will see the rewards of your labor via a beautifully landscaped and tended yard that all of the neighbors will notice. If you have a vegetable garden… you will also be rewarded via the endless amounts of produce that you and your family can enjoy and rest assured homegrown produce tastes better than anything you can purchase at the store plus you can ensure it is grown organically.

10) Get Artistic and Paint

passing the time ~ Painting

It is a good idea to have a paint set and some canvases on hand or even a Paint-By-Numbers kit that you can use in your spare time to paint and create a new piece of art to be displayed in your home when you’re done. If you already consider yourself artistic…maybe you are a wonderful painter but are not so great at sketching and drawing…. then you can take this time to learn how sketch or draw. You can search the internet or other websites for new fresh ideas and you can also use books as a reference to learn something new. This is rewarding as you are utilizing your down time productively and learning to enhance your artistic talent which can result in new works of art to display or even gift.

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  • gloria patterson

    I hate to say it I never get bored!! Your list is so true. There is nothing like spending the day reading a book and a nap or two. Or I am a crafter so I sit down at my craft table think a moment and then I am gathering stuff for a project. Between computer, TV and misc my day goes fast

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