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Revive Your Indoor Space With a Planted Goldfish Aquarium

Having live plants in an aquarium is great for keeping the water clean. Plus, goldfish are beautiful and easy to maintain. Learn how to get started here.

Goldfish were first introduced to North American in the 1800s. Fast forward to today, and they’ve become one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish.

Keep in mind that they require more than just a bowl, as a general rule, the bigger the tank, the better. After all, these fish can get big!

Once you’ve got that, you can get other accessories such as filters and substrate. Live plants are a good option as well.

Thinking of keeping a planted goldfish aquarium? If so, you’re on the right page. We’ll be going over everything that you need to know below.

So make sure to read until the end!

Benefits of Having Live Plants 

There are many benefits to having live plants in an aquarium. For one thing, they can help keep your tank clean. How? By removing ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, and nitrate from the water.

Aside from that, they also produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide that your fish generate. Not to mention that they can give your fish a place to hide!

Planning a Planted Goldfish Aquarium 

There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when it comes to adding live plants. For example, some species may require specific types of substrates and fertilizers.

Lighting is essential as well—that is, individual plants may require strong lighting conditions to grow. 

As for where to get the goldfish, you can check out pure goldfish’s recommendations

Best Live Plants For Goldfish Tanks

Goldfish can be quite destructive in that they like to nibble on live plants. The good news is that some plants are more goldfish-proof than others.

Here are a few that you might want to consider.

Java Fern 

Java fern is known for its hardiness. Not only that, but they can thrive in low light environments.

However, keep in mind that they can’t be grown in the substrate—that’ll cause the plant to rot. Instead, they have to be anchored to driftwood or rock.

This makes java fern a good choice for bare bottom tanks.


Anubias are another plant that does well in goldfish tanks. A low-light species, they require almost no maintenance at all.

As far as planting goes, you can grow them in the gravel, substrate, or attach them to driftwood or rocks.

Amazon Sword

Amazon swords are known for their long, tall leaves. Compared to other plants, they also grow quickly, especially in moderate lighting.

Even if your goldfish nibbles on the leaves, they’ll quickly grow back to offset any damage. While you can plant them in gravel, a loosely-packed plant substrate is best.

Adding Live Plants To Your Goldfish Tank 

As you can see, it’s not that difficult at all to maintain a planted goldfish aquarium. Remember, the plants will also benefit your tank!

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