6 Benefits of Plant Food as Your Medicine

Over the past decade, people have been changing their pantry and leaning more towards plant-based foods. Studies have shown a positive relationship between a plant-based diet and physical and psychological well-being. Initially, plant-based diets were approached for the purposes of weight loss. It is important to note that it goes beyond that. Here are the health benefits you are going to enjoy by taking plant food. 

1. Lowered blood pressure

Studies have shown that people who consume plant-based diets have lower blood pressure than those who consume diets that include plants and meat. High blood pressure or hypertension increases the risk factor of developing complications such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Sticking to a plant-based diet and supplements such as EcoNugenics supplements will go a long way in ensuring that you maintain a normal pressure and avoid many health complications.

2. Control of blood sugar levels

Being able to control the balance of blood sugar is critical to good reproductive health. A steady blood sugar level supports healthy ovulation, enhances egg health, and helps in balancing your hormones. As you approach menopause, hormonal changes occur, and they affect the balance of blood sugar, during this time, a menopause specialist may encourage you to take a plant-based diet. 

The same goes for every other time. Plant food is rich in fiber, healthy fats, and proteins, which help in slow digestion and absorption of food, helping to achieve a steady rise and fall of blood sugar levels. 

3. Reduce risk for cancer

Plant-based foods have a proven track record of reducing the risk of breast cancer. Studies have shown that plant-based foods reduce the postmenopausal risk of developing cancer by 21%. Also, women taking diets rich in plant food are at a lower risk of dying from breast cancer as the food prevents tumors from progressing. Also, it is essential to note that metabolic impairments, such as insulin resistance, promote cancer. Plant-based diets can correct and prevent such impairments. 

4. Better digestive health

Prebiotics are known to promote excellent gastrointestinal health. Prebiotics are the nutrients found in plant food. It creates a pleasant environment for the good bacteria in the intestines. When the bacteria is well-balanced, your gut health will be great. 

5. Reduced risk of endometriosis

While there is no guarantee that you can completely prevent endometriosis and fibroids, you can certainly reduce the risk of developing it. Increasing your intake of plant-based foods will boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, and prevent constipation, which is one of the significant symptoms associated with endometriosis.

6. Maintaining a healthy weight

It is for this reason that plant-based foods are used for weight loss journeys. Unhealthy weight increases the risk of developing a plethora of complications, including infertility. 

Plant-based foods are great for women’s health. They have a proven track record of fantastic health benefits: reducing the risk of cancer, enhancing the health of eggs, the risk of endometriosis, and maintaining a healthy weight.

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