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4 Fitness Vacations for Families Who Like to Stay Active

Are you thinking about booking a family holiday for 2021? If so, you may want to consider going on a fitness vacation. Health and wellness vacations are more popular than ever before, so there are lots of different options to choose from, and they are well suited to active families who don’t like to sit still for long. You could also try different winter sports ~ Just click here.

Here are four fitness vacation ideas for exercise-loving families.

Snowboarding or Skiing Vacation

One of the most popular fitness vacations is a snowboarding or skiing vacation. Both of these holidays take place in breath-taking mountains, so every day you will see beautiful trees, stunning slopes, and clear skies – and you will also do a lot of exercise! In fact, both skiing and snowboarding offer a full-body workout, so if you haven’t tried them before you may want to do some training before you book the vacation.

You will also need to hire or buy equipment for your snow sports trip. You can find the best snowboard bindings online, and you can also buy a board online (although you may want to find one in store to check it fits your bindings).

Hiking Vacation

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Hiking vacations are more popular than ever before, so if you settle on this type of vacation, you will have lots of locations to choose from. Hiking vacations are well-suited to families with little fitness experience, as you don’t need to practice or spend hundreds on equipment before you go; you just need to find a mountain with lots of beginner trails. However you will need to pack proper hiking boots, and we suggest breaking these in before you go on vacation; if not, it is likely there will be lots of complaints about blisters!

Surfing Vacation

Do you want to go on a fitness vacation with lots of sun and sea? If so, a surfing vacation could be the best option for your family. There are lots of surf camps in the USA and abroad, and they are normally suited to beginners and experienced surfers. Normally these camps also come with equipment, so you don’t need to buy anything before you go; you just need to turn up and get started! It is also possible to try paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling at most surf camps, so there are fun options for all of the family.

Yoga Vacation

If you prefer the idea of a more peaceful, relaxing fitness vacation, a yoga trip could be a good choice. Yoga is very popular in the USA; in fact, around 36 million Americans practice yoga. This means there are lots of yoga retreats across the US, with some designed for only adults and some designed for families. If you want to bring young children on a yoga retreat we suggest ringing the venue first and seeing if they have classes that are specifically designed for children; if not, your child will probably be reasonably bored for most of the trip!

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