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Release Muscle Tension & Unwind with the Sunny Bay Microwavable Heating Wrap For Shoulder & Upper Back

I am super excited to share a product from Sunny Bay that I am loving as it helps to melt the tension away when I am home from working and even while I am working. This fabulously designed wrap for the shoulders and upper back from Sunny Bay is made to be worn whenever you need it as it fits perfectly around your shoulders and upper back. It is the natural way to relieve pain and stress in the shoulder and neck and upper back area and if you visit Deliciously Savvy often then you know that I love using all natural remedies versus the doctor prescribing medications for me. Let’s take a look at why this Microwaveable Heating Wrap for the Shoulders & Upper Back from Sunny Bay is the perfect remedy for me and you.

Sunny Bay

Pain Relief

The Microwaveable Heating Wrap for the Shoulders & Upper Back from Sunny Bay is perfect tool for providing pain relief. I use this after working at my desk all day as I can get a stiff neck that runs down my upper back. This heating pad helps to relieve that pain and it just relaxes me as well because it works so well on my stiff neck. I can wear this at home when working at my desk to prevent the aches and stiffness the occurs while sitting and looking at the computer all day. It relieves it right away and I can keep working without any discomfort and the design keeps the wrap in place while working which is a huge plus.

Sunny Bay


This wonderful heating pad from Sunny Bay is also very therapeutic for anyone that uses it. It is so easy to heat this wonderful heating pad……simply heat in the microwave for about a minute and a half. If you want the wrap warmer after that… heat it up at 10 second intervals to avoid overheating and possible burns.

What I love about this heating wrap is that the wrap stays nice and hot to provide the therapy I am looking for. I also have to mention the soft pads on the heating wrap as the are everything because they make the wrap comfy and they target muscle tissue soreness deep down so that you get the relief you need. The wide and extra long tails of the heating wrap treats the shoulder area, neck and also the upper back muscles.

Sunny Bay


The Heating Wrap for the Shoulders & Upper Back is filled with flack seeds and they hold that heat for a long time. The washable soft fleece cover on the heating wrap is made to hold the heat for up to 30 minutes which does miracles for pain relief. You do not have to constantly reheat it which I love and this wrap is weight-balanced, so that you can do chores and/or work while wearing it. The design of the heating wrap provides small compartments that contain the flax seed filling, so that the heat pack stays flat and the filling does not shift or move around.

Hot & Cold Use

I love that this heating wrap from Sunny Bay can be used as a heat pack & also as a cold pack. I love the dual action of this heating wrap because you can cool it in the freezer, as many times as you like, to enjoy the cold therapy for your ailments. This is a heat treatment and a cold you get 2 in 1!


This fabulous heating wrap from Sunny Bay is reusable so you will get years of use and enjoy the hot and cold therapy that you are looking for. This wrap can be heated in the microwave or put into the freezer over and over again.. which mean so you have reliable relief.

Made In The USA

Sunny Bay

I had to stress that I love that this is made in America. I go out of my way to buy USA made anything and I love that Sunny Bay does that for me.

Sunny Bay

So what do you think of the Sunny Bay Heating rap for Shoulders & Upper Back?! Do you suffer from aches and pains after a long day of work like I do or are you an athlete looking for some relief at home? This heating wrap from Sunny bay speeds up your recovery as much as three times because of increased blood flow from the heat therapy. It is made in the USA and works beautifully and this bad boy makes the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your gift giving list. Check it out today and enjoy the all natural pain relief you have been looking for!

Sunny Bay Heating Wraps


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