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Preparing for a Trip on a Budget

Traveling is expensive, and there’s no real way around it. Even if you cut costs at every corner, you’ll still likely end up paying over a hundred dollars for most trips that are either long, or far away from your place of residence. However, being frugal and budgeting well can still end up saving you a whole lot of money. With Egypt vacation packages, you can explore the hidden wonders of this country at a low cost. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but every penny adds up quickly and counts when it comes to your travel budget.

Look at your Nonessential Costs

The items you plan on taking with you fall into one of two categories: essential and nonessential. Your gaming device? Generally speaking, nonessential. That extra pair of underwear? Probably something you should consider taking, just in case. Plenty of sites like Today offer articles on packing travel essentials, with do’s and dont’s regarding the things that you think are necessary and the things that are actually necessary. Paring down can be difficult at first, especially if you find sources that give conflicting advice. Generally speaking, you should make these tips work for you. Tailor them to suit your needs and understand that what may be essential to you could actually be nonessential. Be aware of the fact that some things are absolutely vital no matter what, though, like medications or hygiene products.

Determine What Can Be Repurposed

Fortunately, many people who go on trips have already been on at least one before. What does that mean for you? It means you can reuse and repurpose things that were purchased for those earlier trips. Make a checklist of the items you need and see if you already have them available. For example, sunscreen, tote bags, sunglasses, coin purses, traveling toothbrushes, and medicine cases are all items that people frequently already have lying around before they head out for a trip. Reusing the same luggage is also a given. Often times, a suitcase will last you through years and years of heavy use. Taking good care of it will extend its lifespan even more.

Travel as Light as Possible

Not only are suitcases heavy and difficult to lug around, but they can also rack up your costs at the airport. Having to check multiple bags not only extends the amount of time that you’ll be waiting at the carousel after your plane lands, but it also adds a fee to your overall expenses for every bag you check. Overweight bags can end up costing you even more, and do you really want to be pouring more money into the airport after spending so much on your plane tickets? Even Travel Experts like the ones at Tortuga Backpacks suggest packing light, and have tips to aid you. Before you head out for your flight, go through your luggage to determine if the things you packed are all totally necessary. You may find some things you can live without, and others that you could buy temporary replacements of once you reach your destination. Surprisingly, this can be cheaper than bringing the original item through the airport with you.

Prepare Well Ahead of Time

Don’t save all of your planned purchases until the last minute. Instead, try spreading them out over the months – or even year or more, depending on the trip you’re planning – so that the costs don’t all come in on the same bill. Make a list of the things you absolutely need. Stock up on toiletries, travel essentials, and other useful items. Take a look at sites like for affordable dresses if you’re going to a warmer climate, or prepare yourself some warm scarves and jackets if you’re going somewhere colder. You can even start saving up an emergency fund if you have extra time and cash, which can be used to bail you out of trouble in a pinch.

Though the costs of traveling can initially seem quite daunting, proper planning and spending can prevent you from having to deal with the shock of one or more huge bills. Spreading out the damage over a period of time will alleviate the financial pressure, and cutting costs where you can will allow you to spend more money at your destination. On a whole, it’ll result in a smoother and less stressful trip.


  • Terri S

    These are some great tips. I always try to plan way ahead. But I do have trouble with how much I pack! Thank you for sharing.

  • molli taylor

    i think the key as with all things, is preparation, dont try and do it on the fly, that will cost you!

  • Margaret Appel

    Love all the tips & hints for packing to travel. It can get really expensive if one doesn’t plan everything out ahead of time. Thanks for sharing!

  • desiree

    i do not take extra shoes unless i have to go out but i keep a bag
    pack ad then i keep books and then i keep yarn so i can chrochet

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