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Taro bubble tea: best treatment for your health

Soft drink fashion is quite conservative and practically does not accept innovation. Only various combinations of classic products provide variety. However, it will undoubtedly draw attention if a novelty appears in stores or public institutions.

A delicious drink with the original name – Bubble Tea – did not go unnoticed. The original cocktail first appeared in Taiwan and quickly conquered the world with its unique structure and delicious taste.

How was bubble tea discovered?

In Taiwan, sparkling tea first appeared in the 1980s. The discovery was made entirely by chance. Initially, its creator intended to combine tapioca desserts with a fragrant tea drink. As a result, the creator discovered that it was delicious and unusual.

The practice of drinking cold coffee was already common in Taiwan. So they decided to try the tea as well. Over time, the original recipe with hot infusion was refined. It was made of chilled black tea, sweet syrups, milk, and tapioca balls. The drink has become famous all over the world in this form.

The cocktail gained popularity in America in the 1990s, from which it spread to other countries. Around this time, cafes and restaurants devoted to delectable beverages began to spring up.

What exactly is Taro?

Taro (or the Araceae plant’s root vegetable) is currently grown in various parts of the world. Taro roots can be different colors: white, purple, or pink, depending on where they grow. Taro is considered a vegetable, and it can also be eaten like potatoes, which means its roots can be fried, boiled, pureed, or roasted. Taro is often used in desserts and drinks recipes.

Taro gives taro bubble tea a purple color and a slight taro flavor when used in it. In addition, the fiber in it thickens the drink, giving it the appearance of a milkshake. 

Is taro bubble tea valuable for health?

Yes. First, taro bubble tea has fewer calories than other popular beverages.

Then, taro bubble tea is a carbohydrate-free alternative beverage for children.

It not only catches children’s attention with its unique appearance and colorful bubbles, but it is also very healthy compared to other carbonated drinks.

Of course, it’s caffeine-free. Caffeine is necessary for some people, but too much caffeine can cause problems. Even though taro bubble tea has low caffeine content, it keeps you concentrated and gives you enough energy.

Furthermore, there are numerous options for making bubble tea. For example, you can use fresh fruits, colored bubbles, and other ingredients. You can also experiment with different flavors by adding vanilla, chocolate, or fruit flavors.

Taro is high in antioxidants which are an excellent way to combat free radicals and prevent certain chronic diseases. 

Taro bubble tea and vitamins

Taro bubble tea also has a high vitamin A content, which is beneficial to one’s vision. In addition, Taro contains vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene, which is good for eyesight, especially in growing children. 

Taro bubble tea may be beneficial to your skin if you want to keep it healthy because it contains important antioxidants for skin health.

Taro is high in vitamin C, which is also a powerful immune booster that can help you stay healthy, especially it is essential now during pandemics. 

Taro is also one of the most recommended cholesterol-lowering foods due to its ability to bind and remove cholesterol from the body system.

Taro, on the other hand, may be one of the best ways to lower your risk of developing diabetes. Pomegranate juice is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

There are, however, a few precautions to take when drinking taro bubble tea.

The number of calories in a drink is determined by the amount of sugar added. Taro contains calories, so you must be cautious when adding sugar to keep your calorie intake under control.

One of the health benefits of taro bubble tea, as previously stated, is its low caffeine content. However, keep in mind that everyone’s caffeine tolerance varies. If caffeine is sensitive, even drinking bubble tea can cause heart palpitations and difficulty sleeping.


Taro bubble tea became one of the most popular drinks for a reason. Combining nutritional components and unobtrusive flavor, it appears to be a perfect choice for adults and children.

Enjoy your tea!

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