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Enjoy Ice Cream Without the Dairy

If you are considering making a change to your diet that will benefit both you and the world, there aren’t many better places to start than by eliminating dairy. 

A lot of people know this but choose not to because they can’t sacrifice treats like ice cream. Luckily, there are now solutions that let you have the joy of ice cream, without the guilt of dairy products.

We are Better off Without Dairy

For those with lactose intolerance, this statement is obvious. Most people have some degree of lactose intolerance, whether we know it or not. Adult humans just aren’t really adapted to cow’s milk, and our bodies tell up when we consume too much. If you doubt this, drink half a gallon of milk and see how your stomach feels. The nausea and gassiness will show you how much you aren’t supposed to be drinking milk. 

No matter how hard it is on our bodies, milk is even harder on the planet. Cattle require an obscene amount of water to live, especially when producing milk (which dairy cattle do non-stop, thanks to the hormones we give them). In addition to the water they drink, the basis of the American feedlot cow’s diet is corn. Corn is a very thirsty crop, requiring intense irrigation to produce. This corn is then transported to the dairy where the cows are, requiring fossil fuels to be burned for transit. The cows themselves produce methane, a prominent greenhouse gas. 

Why do we keep consuming milk, if it so hard on our bodies and our planet? Because milk products like ice cream are delicious. Seriously, who do you know who doesn’t like ice cream? You no longer have to choose between your tastebuds and your conscience. There is now a dairy-free ice cream that avoids all the nasty issues faced by most dairy substitutes.

No Allergens

There have been ice cream substitutes for years using things like soy milk, almond milk, coconut, even rice milk. There were problems with each of these. 

The biggest complication of most ice cream substitutes is allergies (rice milk is hypoallergenic, but is also not very tasty). Soy, almonds, and coconut all appear on the major allergen lists right alongside milk, so for people trying to avoid allergens, most of these are not safe haven substitutes. Many of them also use binders and fillers to mimic the mouthfeel of milk and cream-based products, and many of those binders bring in a new set of allergens.

Snow Monkey products are free of gluten, soy, nuts, milk, and they are fully paleo. They also avoid added sugar and sugar substitutes. Most “light” or “healthy” desserts use either artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols to provide sweetness without adding calories. Most milk substitutes lack the natural sweetness of milk, and ice cream usually has to augment that sweetness even further.

Since they are banana-based, these treats are naturally sweet, without having to add any weird sweeteners. When bitter ingredients like chocolate are added, they are sweetened with fruit juices or small amounts of maple syrup, which are easily digested by the body. Imagine getting the health benefits of a real fruit smoothie, with the taste and texture of ice cream. Additional ingredients like hemp and superfoods like acai berries add a pop of additional health benefits.

If you have been looking for a replacement for the ice cream you love that avoids the guilt (or the cramps) caused by consuming dairy, your search can be over. Snow Monkey frozen dairy-free treats scratch the itch for ice cream, without any of the bad stuff. 

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