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Put the Thrill Back into Your Life

Between keeping up your household, getting to work, paying the bills and all the other necessities of modern life, you’ll be forgiven for wanting to indulge every now and then in something a little more thrilling. A good old-fashioned rush of excitement will always drag you out of the paralyzing humdrum of daily life and remind you of all the wonderful things you’ve yet to do in your time on this planet. If you’ve suppressed a thrills-and-spills streak for too long, then the tips in this article should provide some direction as to where to turn to squeeze the good stuff out of life once more.

Adrenaline Sports

If you know a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, you’ll be aware of their free-spirited enthusiasm for life. The thrills they explore are connected with danger – flirtations with the risk of loss of life and limb. This is an avenue worth exploring, and all the more if at first, you feel a little reluctant to throw yourself out of a plane or off a bridge. That’s all part of the excitement – facing your fears.

It’s not just the most dangerous and extreme adrenaline pursuits that will get the blood pumping. For more sustainable pulse-quickening activities that you can do week-in, week-out, consider rock climbing up precipitous cliff faces, mountain biking down forested hills, kayaking in gushing rivers – even running naked into the sea can bring out the rose-tinted glasses on life that you’re after.

Live Music

Slightly more sedate yet in some ways all the more refreshing, making an effort to go and watch musicians work their magic on stage can have an uplifting and joyous effect on even the most down-trodden of spirits. Music is proven to boost your mental and physical health and when combined with a crowd and maybe a few drinks, you’re getting anxiety-busting rhythms alongside a melodious harmony with your fellow man.

Gigs and performances are places of sensory overload, with lights, sounds and smell returning you to tribal energy that exists independent of all the admin jobs you’re stressing over. So whether it’s a band you’ve never heard of or a tribute band playing hit after hit, you’ll get that spine-tingling enjoyment that comes from the thrill of seeing art performed live.

Adventurous Travel

Plenty of maxims these days laud over the benefits of travel for broadening the mind, widening perspectives, slowing the pulse and, yes, lightening the wallet. While these can all be true, especially for those seeking the peace and solitude found on ice-white Thai beaches or in Mexican spa resorts, that’s not the angle recommended for thrill-seeking adventurers.

Instead, book a holiday that involves pace – a busy itinerary, spinning between thick jungles and dense metropolises, wind-swept peaks and ancient ruined cities. The thrill to be extracted here is one of out-of-your-comfort-zone bliss. A feeling of elation borne from making plans on the fly. Nothing can be more exciting and new than improvising in a new country: learning the language, sampling the cuisine, and finding your way around on the transport network.

Having a Flutter

While it’s important to always gamble responsibly, there is an undoubted thrill to the gambling scene that is specifically about the risk you put on your money whether it be on the roulette wheel, blackjack table, or in slot machines. This also applies to betting on sports like fantasy baseball or basketball. At that moment when your bet is in limbo between being lost and winning you money – that’s where the pupils dilate, and you can feel very much alive.

You needn’t have to join up to a casino to experience these small peaks of excitement, though. Websites like that of MPL Casino offer advice and reviews on online gambling sites, offering suggestions on how to play certain games, as well as online gambling sites like this bandar togel online, offering unique online gambling games. It’s worth adding here that gambling should remain a wonderful thrill and not a life-changing lifestyle – if you feel yourself losing control, there’s advice on the aforementioned website to help you out too; after all, thrills are meant to be fun, short bursts of energy. If you are going to use an online site, most often have a No Deposit Bonus system you can use or perhaps a few free spins on a game. This could improve your chance of winning or add more security to your bet.

Face a Fear

This is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling ways to stimulate that thrilling feeling. Facing up to fear has the dual benefit of providing a horror film-type rush of fear and entertainment while following up with a deep sense of pride and confidence that is equally thrilling and will serve to help you in your days to come.

Around 10% of Americans are terrified of public speaking; if you’re one of them, check out tips on how to overcome it, and arranging a place to face the fear head-on. For example, at an open mic night or a small gathering will deliver a torrent of nervous excitement followed by deep satisfaction. Climb to the top of a tall tower, hold a tarantula in your hand, or head to a circus to stare down a clown: all these fears represent thrills for the adventurous spirit.

Make a Change

To some extent, the desire to experience the raw excitement and to resuscitate a thrill-seeking side is produced by a feeling of being in a rut or being dissatisfied with our position in life. That’s fine as everyone feels this way once in a while, but the important thing to do in such a situation is not just to pursue thrills but to make meaningful changes.

To this end, why not join a club or society, take night classes, learn a new language, participate in a new sport, or even move to a completely new place to freshen up every experience in your waking life. The thrill of newness is scary because there is a sense of the unexpected and untrusted, yet overcoming this can produce some of the most memorable experiences and relationships that life has to offer. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and reap the adrenaline-based rewards for doing so.

Thrill-seeking is usually associated with hedonistic clubbing, or death-wish skydiving. This perspective shields us from the accessible thrills that are sometimes right on our doorstep – a booked flight or a roulette wheel’s spin away from us. Use these ideas as a base from which to leap into the great unknown so that your life is topped-up on vitality and joy despite the stresses of modern existence.


  • Debbie P

    Wow,good for you. There is no way though that I would ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

    • mcushing7

      I feel the same. My sister jumped and I would never. It does nothing for me…. there are other things I can do 🙂