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Proposing on a Vacation: The Most Romantic Places in the World

Proposing on a Vacation: The Most Romantic Places in the World

You made the mental commitment a while ago, and you are ready to propose to your significant other on a romantic vacation, with the most beautiful of Russian wedding rings. This is a great idea, and one that may prove fruitful. However, figuring out the perfect location for the occasion can be difficult.

There are factors to be considered such as what appeals more to their romantic side, such as, is it the mountains or the sea? Would they like a public proposal or a private moment? After reading a marriage proposal guide, you might have all the minor details figured out, you just need the one big one. Where? To help you out with all your engagement plans, we have listed the following most romantic places in the whole world for you to consider. After all, this could be one of the biggest moments of your life – theirs too!

Pont Neuf in Paris

A location set in Paris is usually enough for most people, however, proposing to them on top of Pont Neuf (New Bridge) is a wonderous step further. Pont Neuf is one of the oldest structures in the entire city and just before sunset, it also becomes one of the most romantic places in the city.

Pitons in St Lucia

Pitons is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the forest covered beautiful island is a gorgeous and romantic site to behold. Staying here can be a little costly, but when you are proposing to them over a champagne toast; sitting in a luxury bungalow that overlooks a beautiful sunset on the bay, it will be worthwhile. No one will be able to beat such a proposal!

Bora Bora in Tahiti

Go on a sunset sail on a yacht in Bora Bora, and just before the sun hides behind the Otemanu Mountains, propose to them – the day will be etched in your memories forever. The French Polynesian Island itself is gorgeous, just like its nearby neighbors, and it makes for a fantastic location for couples and newlyweds from all over the world. Alternatively, this could be a perfect choice for the honeymoon if you choose to propose elsewhere.

Hyams Beach in Australia

For the last one on this list, we move on down to Australia and the stunning Hyams Beach. The white sands of Hyams Beach face the Jervis Bay, and it’s just perfect for a proposal in every possible way. The view is idyllic; the beach secluded without being isolated, and the 99.9% pure sand grains are so white that it feels like a magical place during a moonlit night – a perfect time to propose. This is the kind of place to take your would-be fiancé if they love the beach but dislike the overcrowded tourist traps.

Truly, it’ll be hard for you to go wrong, and any of these locations will be perfect for your proposal. The truth is, the location will be second best once you’ve proposed; however, a romantic island or city will provide an impact. It never hurts to make this a special occasion, away from the day-to-day life back home.


  • Margaret Appel

    So many beautiful places to visit! It would be fun just to vacation in all these lovely places with or without a proposal.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    That Australian beach is stunning! I’ve always wanted to visit there! Maybe I should “propose” my hubby plan a romantic vacay! 😉